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RE: Image Server Cluster development and maintenance

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You own 5 million HIVE and you are a witness. You own an exchange, which a big part of the HIVE community uses.

Why don't you just provide value to the chain, pump you own bags (and your witness earnings), and promote your exchange. Why go for the 50k in labor costs? I get the computer and server costs, but not the labor.

When you designed the SPS, you asked for 100k. Image hosting is 50k?? Do you realize how important the SPS was to Steem compared to image hosting?

I appreciate your work for HIVE but I'm never voting this. What you should do is provide value and be an example. Don't bill every line of code you write.


I didn't even add any of my own time spent to the billing for this, just the work done by our staff. But despite not billing for my own labor, labor is going to be the main cost for most of the work we do. So essentially you're asking us to do the work for free. Do you expect freedom to also work for free? Maybe you should contact him and get him to do the work, since he has a larger stake that blocktrades does.

Witness earnings wouldn't begin to approach the costs, nor are they meant to, that's in fact why we have a proposal system now. There was a time long ago when it was suggested that witness pay could pay for development work, but that was before witness pay was dramatically cut (and it wasn't really working well even then).

As to the SPS vs imageserver work, my billing method is by cost, not by expected benefit. It's hard to measure benefit, and it's not always fair to bill that way anyways, IMO, when it's work that someone else can potentially do.

Labour cost is almost always the most expensive cost!

Witness earnings are low now yes. Which is why I would have voted to cover the costs of servers. A small amount for labor as well, maybe. But this is too big.

What will the rest of the year cost, a million? It will be worse than the Steemit, Inc dumping in the end.

Also, I don't know why but I get the feeling that the labor costs are just a nice profit, not a necessity. Maybe because the proposal was posted after the work was done? I don't know.

It would have been better to ask for the money before starting, that way, you would know if people would want to vote for a 63k proposal for improved image hosting.

I also know that you did more work than what was written in this post (I listened to the core dev meetings). I guess the rest can be free? Or another proposal will be posted?

And finally, of course I don't expect you to work for free. But the labor you and your devs put in the blockchain is an investment. Higher price means more witness earnings, a larger stake and more revenue from the exchange. If you don't believe that the price will rise in the future then let's give up now because all of this is unsustainable. The SPS will run out in the end.

Anyway, we can argue for days. In the end votes will speak for themselves, and I don't mind if you get funded. I just think it's too high of a labor cost.

Edit - about freedom, if I was him, I would 100% be working to pump my bags. Maybe he is invested in tons of coins and doesn't care. It all depends how important this stake is to him.

If it will reassure you at all, I can guarantee our costs will be far lower than Steemit's, and we'll do a lot more.

Thief? Report him/her to authorities and shut the fuck up.

You know what I said, it is on the chain!

No one I know has admitted to knowing who owns the freedom account. There's some obvious linkage to BitShares community (the blockchain code from which Steem was derived) in early voting patterns. But beyond that, no one knows.

As far as the alpha account goes, I use it to manage non-exchange related financial transactions. It's not exactly hidden, as the account has memos like "refund from blocktrades", etc.

It was originally intended to be my personal posting account (I have an account with the same name on BitShares). The origin of the name is I wanted a name that indicated I had a part in the creation of BitShares blockchain (i.e. alpha as in beginning).

Thank you for the information..

What kind of story do you want you absolute idiot?

Someone sent tokens to blocktrades EXCHANGE and set the receiving account as an exchange account with a memo.

You are so retarded you somehow believe that means blocktrades IS that user!

So.. if I go on Binance and I withdraw to my Bittrex account, does that mean I own the Binance account since it sent my Bittrex account tokens?

No it means you are a than a three year old with a learning disability.