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RE: BlockTrades discontinuing support for Steem

in #blocktrades9 months ago

what with that 'not authorized' every coin/token on blocktrade? come on i'm trading only 5 hive why the need KYC? crypto full of bullshit company asking for private data everywhere..


You're looking at the wrong coins. No KYC is required to trade Hive on our site. You're probably looking at trade.hive which is for trading via bitshares DEX.

So I just saw this post and only after sending some Steem to silly-einstein. I hope I didn't lose the Steem that I've just sent. @blocktrades

Assuming the account doesn't get frozen, we'll refund the Steem that's been sent there when we get a wallet operational to do so.

Okay thanks. Fingers crossed

my apologize for being rude, i was looking at wrong side.. damn