BlockTrades discontinuing support for Steem

Well, it's official, BlockTrades is no longer accepting Steem on our site due to the upcoming "secret" hardfork. Please do not send Steem to our site from this point onwards, as there is a high risk that any Steem sent will be lost.

We announced this yesterday, but I accidentally posted it to a community instead of the BlockTrades blog, so I'm making this post just in case any of our customers missed the earlier post.

For more details, see the earlier post:


Thank you for all the good you have done through Blocktrades for years. You had to do what needed to be done in this action and we appreciate you. I'll look forward to using Blocktrades here on Hive even more in the future. Quick question, for those of us who still have some Steem leftover back there (13 weeks is a long time to power down), what would you recommend?

Keep up the good work and we'll look forward to doing more with you in the future.

I was also wondering this. I have only ever used @blocktrades to buy/sell my steem.

If you're American, Bittrex or Ionomy are the easiest. Huobi and Binance semi-block Americans, but are otherwise also good choices.

I live in the U.S. and I've been using Rudex to send my steem to from my steem account. Then I swap it for bitshares on Rudex and send that to blocktrades from Bitshares, to swap for hive.

Thank you. I have not heard of. Rudex but will look into it.

Thank you. I'll check them out.

My 0,008 BTC was lost by BitTrex when I wanted to send this amount to my BTC address. Well, it's not too much for most people, but a big amount for me.

Thanks for the choices. I got a small amount of SBD through Ionomy before they blocked it. Interesting times, to say the least!

Bittrex appears to have dropped Steem support according to some other comments. In your opinion, what is now the easiest/best way to get money from my on-site steem wallet into my coinbase?

No kidding! What in the world? What terrible state of affairs.

The narrative crafting has been very impressive coming from the V.22.2 Cabal. Power grabs and vindicative actions under the guise of decentralisation and security. Bravo!

Shucks, thanks, but in this case it's really not that difficult. The narrative writes itself, no special crafting necessary.

Whose narrative is a better representation of the facts?

Neither in my opinion. The fork was all about power and control not this decentralisation BS,

many people who went into Steem in the first place deeply care about decentralisation. this BS clearly shows why.

many people who went into Steem in the first place deeply care about decentralisation.

True, yet this graph clearly shows how HIVE has failed in that regard.


That's not what decentralization means. Also this is a MUCH MUCH better division than the biggest shitcoin in circulation known as USD, and afaik better than e.g. BTC.

That's not what decentralization means.

That is what folks keep saying. Try to get a spot in the top 20 if you are not in the V.22.2 Cabal's witness voting circle jerk. Try getting something approved in HIVE's SPS without the V.22.2 Cabal's approval. The HIVE/STEEM governance have been flawed from conception and there has been no effort to change that in any meaningful way. Not only does a small minority hold the majority of stake on both chains but the rewards go primarily to the same jerking circle.

P.S. USD is a fiat currency so there is little comparison to crypto.

That is actually exactly the point of the DPoS system. I am thinking about a system that doesn't work that way, but Hive would literally not work without this, and honestly there is no superwhale anymore as there used to be. The superwhale on Steem is now using that power to drain the network by the way, because that stake is enough to have all top spots. on Hive, no one has enough stake to do that, people have to work together to earn those spots.

Ah, nothing like a secret hardfork to underscore openness and transparency :-)

Your transfer service is awesome by the way.
Power to you.

I just sent STEEM to @silly-einstein

like 8 minutes ago!

It'll be ok, I'll be staying up for a bit and monitor silly-einstein for transactions, to protect anyone who doesn't see this post right away.

yeah, I missed your post too :(

No worries, got ya covered.

How can I move my remaining Steem to Hive?

is @silly-einstein an account of yours I can use to transfer my remaining Steem? Do I use it the way I used to use blocktrades? Please help, I don't want my money to be stuck in a doomed site.

Hi, please don't send funds to silly-einstein as that account is shutdown and funds sent there may be lost.

You can try either Binance or Huobi: I think both of those have re-enabled Steem deposits/withdrawals.

Thanks, I found a route through Poloniex that works.

This is the way to do.....they doing secretly, we did openly. Thanks for the update 👍

bad timing, steem's price is up :( hope you can make it available again after the fork

This is a vital post, I have always reblog it so as to get to lots of people who may not know. This morning likewise I have also created a post to address the issue.

JS is a cancer to blockchain.

He's more like the black hole of crypto. He swallows up projects and never gives back anything.


Ive followed that fiesta from a sidelane. Sad things happened to steem the last year :/

I have just withdrawn some of my liquid Steem, you never know.

Thanks for information

Cheers for doing it so far! It's been a huge help. I did 100 last night and wish I'd done the full 1000 I have left.
It's unfortunate that it's become too risky.

I thought the silly-Einstein was genius, lol. It’s all good, you tried. I’ll still use your exchange for all the other Hive transactions.

Gracias por esa advertencia, muy procedente. El trabajo que hacen es fundamental. aliriera

Thank you King Nerd for the status update. Your service and all that you do for Hive is always GREATLY appreciated. It was an honor using your website to dump all of my STEEM.


Hey! Good to know that. I just used blocktrades to power up and the experience was pretty smooth... You're awesome. Thanks

Gracias por informarnos!!!

This is sad as it was such a useful and convenient service. It looks like others are withdrawing their services from Steem, so it is likely to go down the toilet. I just want to power down my Steem and sell it.

Thanks for what you have done.

I got an alert when I logged onto Steempeak and the alert said something about a HF being performed that will remove Steem from 66 accounts.
Log into steempeak and you will see it.
steemit is dead.PNG

interesting times we live in

Well then how are we supposed to get money out of the site?

idk ask JS I am sure that he has enough money to "convince" some exchanges to do business with him!

Sorry to see you end that service though I understand. We will continue selling off our Steem via Binance.

By the way, now that the HF23 attempt by Sun was done but also thwarted, this past hour or so, and the Steem sent to an exchange to redistribute, do you think you will ever resume Steem trading?

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Aww. Well I can see why you would. Glad I traded some of my a week ago. A secret hard fork sounds so shady. Oh well. Yet thanks for the notice.

Man, this is so messed up. Thanks for all that you have done, and will do!

what with that 'not authorized' every coin/token on blocktrade? come on i'm trading only 5 hive why the need KYC? crypto full of bullshit company asking for private data everywhere..

You're looking at the wrong coins. No KYC is required to trade Hive on our site. You're probably looking at trade.hive which is for trading via bitshares DEX.

So I just saw this post and only after sending some Steem to silly-einstein. I hope I didn't lose the Steem that I've just sent. @blocktrades

Assuming the account doesn't get frozen, we'll refund the Steem that's been sent there when we get a wallet operational to do so.

Okay thanks. Fingers crossed

my apologize for being rude, i was looking at wrong side.. damn

Thank you for serving me well when I had an account operating on Steem. I look forward to using your services again on Hive.

Thanks for your kind words!

@blocktrades, any chance of continuing your silly einstein account with Steem... I'm nearly done transferring to Hive

Then how can I exchange my steem to hive or BTC? Poloniex doesn't work for me and Bittrex also, I've lost 0,008 Bitcoin when I tried to send it to my BTC address.

Thank you for the information ... You are very wise and very fond of your customers. I am now active in HIVE too. I am happy to see you here. Thank you for everything..

What a pity, a question, so how do I extract the steem from steemit now? I tried to do it by poloniex, if I could transfer a test amount to my poloniex account but when I want to change it by btc all the options appear deactivated, there is a minimum amount from steem ?, any other option to pass the steemit to another exchange ?, thanks.

  • binance
  • ionomy
  • and I think huobi too

ok, thanks very much

NNoooo!!! I still have steem on that shit chain!! AHAHHHHHH