Blocktrades.US exchange from Bitshares to STEEM, having an issue.

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I've used website for exchange of digital currency, normally from SBD/STEEM to ETH. Today, I needed to exchange my BTS to STEEM but having an issue.

When I clicked on "Get a new Deposit Address", I've got this address 0xc30fbbc5e7575d2638e812d36390021d0c71efcd. I'm assuming a 'blocktrades' or similar for bitshares address.

I tried to use it anyway. Go to my bitshares wallet website so I can send BTS token for STEEM. I put the 0xc30fbbc5e7575d2638e812d36390021d0c71efcd address to my recipient, it says "unknown account". See the captured screen below.

I cancel my transaction for now.

I guess, the "Get a new Deposit Address" for bitshares at is a website bug.

I submitted a Support Request for @blocktrades to check this issue. I hope they can resolve this issue very soon. I need 10 STEEM on my account so I can create a two steem accounts for a new project.

UPDATE. I tried using a different browser (EDGE), that's fixed it. It could be a browser cache in my google chrome.

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We've fixed this bug on our web site, thanks again for the report.

Thank you for a quick update.

Thanks for the report, we've identified the problem: it can occur when a user select a recently used "received address" from the drop down list. We're working on a fix for it now. To avoid it until it's fixed, manually type in your receive address.

This bug was accidentally introduced when we uploaded the new version of our site with the "help and support" system (there were some other changes as well, and apparently one of those changes was less than perfect).

Glad to know and thank you for a quick feedback.

Hey my friend I've had the same issue. I traded Steem (or SBD) for BTS and now There's no way to withdraw those BTS, about $10 worth, or 68 BTS.
I tried everything...I even got lots of good feedback from BlockTrades and Bitshares. I thought my BlockTrades wallet where I carried out the transaction was my BTS address but apparently not. I created other BTS wallets. It still can't retrieve BTS from BlockTrades.
They did confirm my trade and showed me the blockchain data, but where is it????
Only $10, so I gave up. If BTS skyrockets, I'll try again!