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We already have the winner list but, as there were almost 10,000 different posts from more than 2,000 unique authors, we are aware that the bot and code we used to count points might have made some mistakes.

Here is a list of the Steemians who finished with more than 43 points, we are not including scores and the order of this list has no logic to avoid giving out potential winners:

Being on this list or having more than 43 points doesn´t automatically secure you part of the prize pool. This post is just to be sure we are not unfairly leaving anyone out of the prize pool share.
When we are certain no one is left out, we will announce the winners and make the transfers. Thanks for your collaboration. Please resteem this post so every potential winner sees it.

@worldcup-russia why was only 43 points and above chosen as winners? I guess the highest point in this competition is not more than 50points. Participants with 40 points and above should also be compensated.

If you organize a contest you can decide who gets compensated :)

Did you not upfront set the prizes?

I finished at 39 points. I am not good enough to get 43 points. I would like to say congratulations to all winners. Let meet again in next contest. I hope there may be another contest like European Cup or Champions League.

It would be better if they give some rewards or aknowledgements to the contestants. Something like by giving upvote on their posts or comments.

Just my opinion.

Congratulations to those who made it so far. Wow! close, i had 40points.
please, can you consider people like us? We started from the beginning of the contest, just that we didn't make up to 43 points. Looking forward to your reply, Thanks.🙏

I support you too @nigerian-yogagal... I scored 41 points.

@worldcup-russia choosing only 21 participants as winners is not encouraging

User @sir-lionel obtained 41 points. This is the result of my calculations. I checked several times. However, I would like someone from the organizers to pay attention to @mzakybrt user because in my opinion he obtained 44 points.

Will do, thanks for pointing it out.

Hola, @anomadsoul y @acidyo.
Estos son mis cálculos del concurso del mundial 2018, por favor corregirme si estoy errado en algún dato

Imagen en tamaño completo aquí

Publicación de My Selections

Publicación de My selections for the Last 16

Publicación de My selections for the Quarter finals

Publicación de My selections for the Semi finals

Publicación de My selections for the Finals


You only got 41 points. In each competition post there was information that the result of the regular time of the game counts. And in some cases you counted points for the extra time result and what is the most interesting, you scored a point for the victory of France with Denmark and everyone saw that it was 0-0

I think it's something illogical that only win those who have more than 43 pts because for the final round only had opportunity those who had spent 36 pts is to say that they guessing the two games with the maximum score would reach 42 pts. You should keep that in mind, regards

excuse me, to see if you can verify my score, I think I have enough

I've spent my time and counted your points. You obtained 40 points.

Thanks for counting his points.

Why do you try to deceive? Flagged for attempt on deceiving not even close to 43.

I'm not trying to cheat, I'm very sorry, it's true, I apologize for the inconveniences @anomadsou, @arabson1990

Removed flag just because @arcange is a bro, but seriously, in the post it says "certain that you have" if you weren't sure and certain, you should've just counted and recounted man. Just wasting everyone's time and you are not the only person I have to check manually if the points are correct.

Come on man, remove your flag! He was just politely asking you to check his score.

I didn't make the final 28 😭😭.... just share the 2000 sbd among all 28... that's 71 sbd for each user, that's a nice reward for everyone

No @arabson1990 jak ty mi żeś zaimponował w tej chwili ;)
Gratuluję, szkoda że nie grałem do końca, może i mi by się udało :)

Dołączam się do gratulacji dla @arabson1990 :) Ja tam grałem do końca, ale byłem za słaby :)

Z naszych, jakoś w ostatnich fazach turnieju widziałem jeszcze @lukmarcus i @pkocjan. Może jeszcze im się uda, po dodatkowej weryfikacji punktów, wskoczyć do grupy, która ma możliwość zwycięstwa ? :)

Your 2nd post was:
created on 2018-06-30 10:39:51.000
and edited on 2018-07-04 14:26:15.000.

you are not right. The results of the 2018-06-30 post are the same as those of 2018-07-04. Check

In the second post the results were not edited
FIRST POST (created on 2018-06-30 10:39:51.000)

POST EDITED (edited on 2018-07-04 14:26:15.000.)

It doesn't matter what was changed, it was edited after timeline. Contest authors were exporting data from blockchain and later edits discard posts.

What @lukmarkus is saying it's right, we have to obey the rules otherwise it would be unfair for all the rest. Any edit after the deadline renders the post invalid, sorry.

if these are the rules, agree. but she was really unlucky

Unfortunately, the user @warpedpoetic gained 42 points. I checked several times.

There are people securing 42 points... Hope they can be also part of it as @warpedpoetic is included.

Congratulations !!

wow I am so happy to be among the finalist, its been a long road.. please I want to implore the organizers @blocktrades @anomadsoul and @acidyo truly they have done a great job and I thank them for that. but please try to share the reward as broadly as possible, so lots of users on this list can benefit from the 2000 sbd. example : lets say first 20 users...because 2000 sbd is a lot and I believe it will be extremely painful to come this far and get nothing, please try and consider that, I'm sure even the leaders of the contest will agree with me... thank you so much to the organizers for being so up to date.. Thank you

With 2.000 members and 2.000$ sbd price, @worldcup-russia can give 1$ sbd each, or maybe 1000 to the first 25 winners and another 1000 for the rest of participants like the @steemitboard contest. Well thanks for all...

Wow! I think I finished with 40 points !? So boo hoo 😭 it looks like I missed the list! But A Big Congratulations to the top finishers ! Woot!⚽🏃⚽🏃

Solo ganan los que tengan mas de 43 pts?? 2,000 sbd es como para ser repartidos entre mas usuarios pienso yo. saludos

It been a long ride. It feels hard though when you fail by 1 point. Congratulation to the winners. You guys are great. (securing 42, felling happy)

be there is incredible, it hurts that I'm not hehe but without doubt that all of them deserve to be awarded reach 43 pts or more in this world of surprises deserve to be rewarded, congratulations to all

Sir @worldcup-russia I beg you to tell me, what is my overall score in this contest ...?

You earned 30 points. I do not understand why everyone asks how many points you have. It's enough to know adding.

Congratulations @alexicp!

Are you also very curious to see what prize you won?

Yes!! ejeje
I have very high expectations ejeje.

Based on the other post you are the winner. Looks like blocktradesworldcup is just a bit too slowly. After all the world cup ended already 10 days ago.

We know the standings, we just don't want to leave anyone out because you know, people LOVE to complain Everytime that get a chance.

But it's been 2 days since the post and nobody has really come forward with a good case of being left out, don't you think it's time to post the winners

all the money raised and do not have a logistics to reward the participants, which lack of seriousness, did not indicate in advance who would be the winners.

Lol Yeah, We knew the world cup results in advance and knew who's going to win the sbd before the games even started. You caught us.

According to my accounts I have 41 points. But I have a doubt in the semifinal, I selected Croatia as a 2 to 1 winner against England. That result was given in extra time.

Do I get 1 point for having scored the winner?
If so, I have 42 points, Although I do not have enough for the 43, I would like to know then what was my final score, thanks

Amigo tengo mas de 43 puntos y creo que no los contaron, les dejare el link para que revisen, espero sus respuesta muchas gracias :)

The @josecrespo user unfortunately only got 40 points. I counted several times.

Ho friend, sorry then thank you very much :)

why is not there my name there while the person you call does not have a lot of value.