Sleepless night and many negative thoughts

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Hello my dear friends! I don't like to complain. I am a closed person and I do not like to share problems too much. But now the anxiety is holding me by the throat with steel fingers and I will simply suffocate if I do not share it.

Once my mother said: "Before the war, many boys are born." "Why" - asked the little me. "Because people live in great stress."
Then I did not understand the connection. Mainly I did not understand the connection between the huge tension and the war that had not yet begun. But now I understand...

The specter of war has haunted us lately. War oozes from everywhere. And although formally it has been going on in my country since 2014, it is somewhere in the east. We live a normal life here as much as possible.
This has been the case for the last eight years. But now we are being told how to assemble an alarm case, territorial defense exercises are being carried out, the inscriptions "bomb shelter" are being updated, and a neighboring country has accumulated huge troops on our border. And all of a sudden it became a reality. In the news feed, the tension is such that it seems you can cut it with a knife. It is physically tangible. Paradoxical as it may seem, but the thought that calms me a little is: "Everyone lies. And even more so during the war".

I've been holding on all this time. I comforted myself. I made a small supply of food for my animals. I will not run away because I will never agree to leave my animals and I will not be able to go anywhere with so many of them. But I was calm. But my peace of mind collapsed just because of one sentence. "Looks like it's about to start. A feeling of powerlessness, hatred and horror,” wrote my friend. These words of her knocked me out of a more or less stable state. Anxiety gripped my throat and has not let go until now.

I am not afraid for myself. I have had an interesting and eventful life. But I imagine with horror what will happen to my animals if something happens to me. What will happen to the huge number of animals that will be abandoned by people fleeing the war.
I post here my spring photos. I really want spring and flowers. I want to watch how nature wakes up, how birds and animals have offspring, how life is reborn according to the eternal unshakable cycle.

Perhaps this is all too chaotic. But this is what thousands of people in my country think today. I really hope that the politicians have enough mind and strength to keep the situation under control. In the meantime, I continue to live, continue to do what I must and hope that every next day will be peaceful.



Uh... sad that your pages is fuck up 🥴🥴🥴🥴 ...

Sadly, I believe this account has been hacked :-( Hope the owner will be able to recover it! Be very careful with your account keys everyone...

Yay! 🤗
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There was a deluge of spam comments from this account.

This type of spam is usually a sign that the account was hacked. People have been down voting the spam.

If you have a friend on HIVE; please have them drop an update.

Hi, please secure your account, it's been hacked, and is sending out scam comments :(

What? This one of your accounts?

It's not my account, just one that I liked to support. Sad that thieves stole it from her.


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Same group that hit you...

Sad. And time to hit them back.

Nobody got to me, thankfully. They got to a few of my friends though 😢

What do you have in mind to stop them?


@ganjafarmer! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (4/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Well it would be really cool to start frustrating their efforts. But like I said having a bunch of people getting together and putting out alerts for stolen accounts as well as informing people how to lock their account better....

Education is key especially if you did a security contest/promotion...

People that change their keys successfully with helping hands and ensuring security of their accounts get votes? Prizes?

And then of course market this to as many tiny unknown people as well as other known people...

It might be a pretty important thing.

And then of course on top of it we really need to have a disconnect feature where these individuals just get their entire network of accounts disconnected blacklisted/ban.

We really need a way to counter this and I think that it is only fair.

It can only be used for this kind of serial theft and account hacking.

Changing keys isn't really what I had in mind. If you lose your connection while doing that you can lose your account, so it should only be done if needed. But adding a recovery contact, and some general safety information would make an awesome contest, what a great idea 🙌🙌🙌



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