Is My Caravan Stolen?

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Today, I had an interesting evening, after finding out it was going to cost me £££ to put the electrics right on the caravan, I decided to find another one and sell this one.

I popped an add out there on the net, and within a few hours, I had a lot of interest and people were messaging me asking for it.

One guy messaged me and told me he would be with me within 30 minutes and would pay full price for the caravan.

20 minutes later there was a knock at my door and a big guy stood there looking at me.

Knowing that there was a guy on the way, I went out to him and started asking him if he was here to buy.

He told me "NO" not here to buy, but to claim his caravan back!.

I was a little confused and asked what he meant.

This guy was not English and his spoken English wasn't the best.

Next thing I know I am in the middle of 3 guys and a lass and they were accusing me of stealing the caravan.

So this is their story.

2 weeks ago they went out to visit a relation, they were gone for a few hours, while they were out someone stole there caravan and transit from outside their house and no one heard or seen anything.

As well as the caravan, inside the caravan, there was a few thousands of pounds worth of equipment that they kept in there for the work that they did.

The guy's dad was very abrupt and he was accusing me of being the guy who had stolen everything from them.

I told them the story of where I got the van from, showed them the messages from the seller, and even gave them the sellers details.

They wanted to take the caravan.

No, I said, the caravan isn't going nowhere until I have proof that the van belonged to them, and the guy who sold me the van had nothing to do with them.

They asked me to call "999".

I wasn't about to call the police, this wasn't an emergency so I called 101, this proved a very long wait and I am still waiting now to speak to someone about the situation.

I didn't let them take the van, I told them when they could prove to me that it was there's and stollen I would then give it up, but until then I would take it off the market and make my own enquires.

So guys as you can tell it has been quite a day for me,

I hope your all safe and well, and until next time, stay safe.


Take care with that a few years ago a friend of mine had a similar issue with a car. A couple of days later someone mysteriously torched it on his drive in the middle of the night. No proof but it was rather obvious who had done it.

Crazy isn't it. I would never of dreamed of doing something like that to someone, I can't understand why people go around and blatantly try and hurt others.

If it was stolen, the police can verify they filed a report, with a description matching the vehicle. It would be dated before you posted any ads.

Found out this morning from the police that the caravan isn't stolen but has been recovered from the people who turned up at my door.
The caravan at the moment is mine under the eyes of the law, but they have told me not to sell it or move it while they investigate further.
From the little bits of information I got, it sounds like they didn't pay some bills and beliefs removed some items under a court order.
Seems like they are unhappy with this and decided to try and get their van back.
I have been told that I will have more information later as things unfold.

Oh boy! What a pickle... never a dull day and hope you come through this without having you pants pulled down

Don't know you @article61 from what's been said the van is mine, the police seem to think that the van was taken under a court order.
I have been told to keep hold of the van until their investigations have finished, but they told me that under the eyes of the law it belongs to me.

Sounds like they won’t be coming back then. Still, I’d look to sell it as it’s possible they’ll just nic it from your drive now they know where it is.

I'm all cctv'd up so if they try and take it I would know about it. police have told me not to sell at the minute as they need to look into it some more, but once they give me the go a head it is going. :D