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You would think at 37C Shadow (dog) would love a cold shower outside. This is far from the case, and if @bingbabe did not have a foot on his lead he would be bolting away from us.


Yet he's quite happy to languish within the stinking dark, dingy, murky waters of the Leeds / Liverpool canal all day.


After getting clean he ignores the paddling pool hastily placed in the middle of the garden and instead, rolls around trying to get dirty.


@bingbabe loves it, though the freezing water is quite a shock to the feet. Shadow treats it as a rather large dog bowl and drinks from it.

The insane weather ends tomorrow with a max temperature of 21C. That's below the seasonal average. Is there anywhere that has crazier weather than the UK?


I'm sweltering in my study right now. Come 5pm I plan to be in our pool. It's unheated, but may have warmed up a bit. Hope you guys can cope today.

Come 5pm I plan to be in our pool. It's unheated, but may have warmed up a bit.

I like the heat, but have never known it this hot before. Did you see the forecast for tomorrow? It all ends tonight! That pool of your should be great for later.

I've used it a fair bit already this summer. We're lucky it's only a couple of days of extreme heat this time, but it could become the norm. We're not set up for it here.

So long as I am not working, I actually like it. Maybe not quite this hot, but it's preferable to the 21c of tomorrow.

I'll be happier in 21C

I can't help it, I'm chiming in all over slobber's comment section. Whaddup Steve? All of England right now is echoing the same thing. It's hilarious!

A little vitamin D and the whole country is back on lockdown. =}

What lockdown? Just our infrastructure can't cope. No trains into London today. We've never had it this hot and that is worrying. People will die.

We walked about 5 miles today at noon all around Manchester. Almost, not quite, but I could almost feel a little bead of sweat.

If it ain't freezing and everyone's bundled up in wooly jumpers, vests and umbrellas it's like the end of the world. Total entertainment for a couple California natives.

I was walking around Leicester just after lunch yesterday with lots of people around and didn't see anyone faint or panic. It's not as bad as some make out, but seeing those temperatures here shows the climate could be messed up and that is worrying. Just see all the fires happening across Europe. Just what you need when it's hot already.

Where I'm from it's never hot enough so upper 90's is real comfortable, we welcome it. We've been here since May and will be leaving in October cuz it's freezing!! My bones won't move when rain freezes mid-flight.

Interesting how our body temperature's idea of normal are worlds apart huh?

I'm happy running in shorts when it is literally freezing. I can tolerate some heat too. We're all different. At least we mostly have a/c in our cars now. Wasn't the case when I was a kid.

The heat in UK is insane..
Its 28° here and its fking insane xD

Apparently 38C here and at least 32C in my study. At least it should be cooler tomorrow.

38 is insane xD Same is 32 xD


Today and yesterday are freak weather days. I am having trouble doing anything productive. This is what I expect in Greece, though it's a little cooler there today and than here.

So funny how UK people feel some vitamin D and act like Dorothy in Wizard Of Oz.

Here we are at 30 degrees celsius today, a small relief...

I could handle that, today is extreme and unprecedented.

A bit warm over there for you English folks huh? 😀

We are taking a 20C hit today, or so they tell us. 16C outside and yet I'm sitting here in shorts and little else!

Ah ok, I had heard it was getting into the 40's? I must have heard wrong.

It may have touched 40C in London but I am in the north. It hit around 38C yesterday. Today.. and going forward its back to biz.


It's a big drop down from 38C, but welcome I'd imagine. Here, when we get days (sometimes weeks) in a row of 40+ it takes a few days for the heat to dissipate from buildings and roads, but the drop in ambient is always welcome.

My last dog was the same way. Puddles, rivers, lakes, the ocean, couldn't keep her out of it. Just lean toward the garden hose, though, she's gone!

To be fair, that paddle pool wouldn't even fit him. He paddles, but won't go out of his depth in rivers. I often think what he would do when confronted with a big swimming pool. Probably wuss out!

I had 38 here today. Crazy warm and was happy to go to work today!

The dog though...had a nice dip in the river. But yours isn't too fond if it isn't murky enough? These animals are weird!

But yours isn't too fond if it isn't murky enough? These animals are weird!

He's happy in rivers, but nothing man-made! They are very strange animals.

Hey, how're you doing?
You've escaped again?

Lovely dog, by the way 😍

Right now, I am thinking you win!