Weekend Roundup - Health Scare

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Well this post is going to be more than a weekend round up. I’ve been pretty absent from the world this past week as I have had some medical issues that knock the snot out of me.

Last Sunday I went into the hospital after suffering from some severe abdominal and back pain. It looked like I had a kidney stone that was moving or passed that did some damage. I missed work a for a few days and started to recover from that pain, but the medication tore my stomach up so bad I ended need to go into an urgent care to make sure something else was not wrong.

It was there they told me I had a 1 cm stone still in my kidney that I would need to see a specialist for as it won’t pass. So I’ve been struggling to get into someone to get that process started.

On top of the that I picked up a cough and some seasonal stuff which was the 1 to 2 knockout that laid me up. It was not until yesterday were I actually started to feel a bit more normal.

It’s scary to see how quickly a health scare and some pain take a toll on your mental health. I could tell I was getting into a dark place pretty quick and I’m so thankful for my wife’s help because I would not want to be going through even the small health issue without her.

I guess what I’m saying is be appreciative of your love one and health. Do your best to take care of both. Cheers to some happy thoughts for some Monday motivation.


Oh no! Sorry about your health. It is funny how our health can give us a different turn around. I wish you quick recovery. Get well soon.

Thanks it's crazy to see how quick it impacts your mental health. Pain is a powerful driver.

Get well soon. I have never had a kidney stone but I am glad that your wife is helping you through this.

I would not recommend it's pretty bad. I hear some compare it to child birth.

Illness can affect one mental health so quickly than one can imagine, your wife is very nice and it shows the level of love you have operate with her in time pass. Please recover fast and use your medication well.

She is great I'm feeling much better physically and mentally. It was a wild week.

Sorry to hear that! Kidney stones aren't a whole lot of fun, especially a large one in the kidney. They may have to break it up into smaller pieces. I understand getting down when you are having health problems, the last couple years haven't been kind to me either. Just try to focus on positive thing the best you can, I know it's not easy! I hope you're feeling a little better later on today.

I have my appointment to see what they want to do with the stone so forward progress makes me feel better

Hopefully they can just break it up with lithotripsy, in most cases that's the best option and doesn't require any surgery.

Wow, that's horrible! My father in law was in the hospital for his heart and while he was there he happened to pass a stone. I guess it was so big the nurses got him some balloons that said congratulations, it's a girl. Those things are no joke. I hope you can get into a specialist soon!

I got my appointment so that's good. They say it's the closest pain to child birth so at least I can say that

Wow, okay. Good luck with that!

So sorry to hear about your health. I have also been wondering what might have happened why you fade out recently on hive. Wishing you speedy recovery

Thanks man I miss the community and appreciate all the well wishes. I'm now gearing up for a hive bull run I can feel it in my bones.

get well soon

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oh sad to know that, get well soon.

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During this difficult time, it is the wife who supports the man the most, the way your wife is also taking care of you a lot, don't worry, this difficult time will also pass and you will be fine.

how are you doing now? @cryptictruth