There is no place like home...

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I am finally back from my Holiday in Durban over the festive season. Although I am very glad to be back home (for the internet mainly), I am certainly going to miss Durban. I was visiting with my grandparents and though some days weren't as good as others, I still had a fantastic time.


Agony of a broken phone

The last two and a half weeks has forced me to be completely removed from the internet as my grandparents do not have internet. My only connection was my phone which I could burn my Data with (Very expensive in SA) or a Wifi hotspot. This idea lasted all of a day when my Samsung Galaxy J5 suddenly stopped working. The phone comes on but the screen stays dead...

I am surprised by how completely reliant I have become on my internet connection as I struggled with the withdrawal of unlimited information. On the plus side, I was able to appreciate a holiday with family away from the internet and it is something that I also realise we have come to forget about in the daily bustle.

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Getting re-connected with my computer and what has happened?

I was very surprised to return to a Steemit that is experiencing record highs and a fantastic new price tag. Not only Steem though, Bitcoin has stagnated and this has spurred a boom for many other alt-coins. I figure this may be a good time to form a goal for the year...

My first objective is to become immediately active on Steemit again and to raise my Follower count to 1500.
Next I wish to introduce at least 5 new people to Steemit before the end of January...

Now however, I have an apartment to clean! You would not believe the dust in Witbank, South-africa. As a coal mining town, a layer of black dust tends to settle when things are left unattended...

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Welcome back my man, and compliments of the season to you. Yes, prices have gone higher which is very good for us South Africans.
Just wish BTC will rise again. Rise my BTC, rise!

& yes, no internet is definitely something that I cannot ever get used to. Looking forward to your posts my friend!


Happy new year to you! 2018 is the year that South-Africa starts turning around... I am confident in BTC still so no worries. I hope you have a fantastic year on Steemit.

Going to be an interesting year all round @dracosalieri good to hear you completely recharged yourself down here at the coast.

Cleaning is never fun, but then nor is it fun living with dust all over the place.