Perfect Autumn Day

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Waking up at sunrise, a slow morning with coffee and then I was off to ”run errands.”


Running errands is a code for biking to town for a little visit at a local yarn shop. These gorgeous yarns are hand dyed in the back of the shop and you can even have your own special colour made if you can’t find what you want in this selection. The lady who owns the business was super nice and chatty so we ended up talking crafts for quite a while.


I only popped by because I needed 2,5mm circular needles but I of course drooled over all the gorgeous yarns and already started planning new projects in my head. I stayed strong though and luckily so because the owned told me as I was leaving to mark my calender for an upcoming sale. Count me and my credit card in!




It was the most perfect weather, barely sub zero, sunny and frosty, my favourite! Brought me so much energy and joy after so many dark and dreary days.


P.S. yes I was sporting a beanie, mittens and a wool sweater made by myself when visiting a yarn store.


You have sunshine! I haven't seen the sun for a week and a half. According to the forecast, I don't see one for another 4 days, next weekend gives a slight hope 😀

After a week I tend to loose count on how many grey days it has been. Wishing you some sunny frosty days soon too. And where is that snow!?

I really enjoy seeing your posts just to let you know

Why thank you very much :)

P.S. yes I was sporting a beanie, mittens and a wool sweater made by myself when visiting a yarn store.

That's a good way to represent the knitting community. The owner knows you will be back!!

Well, knitting is a huge thing in Finland and you can see most people wearing a homemade knit every day at wintertime. It’s quite fun when you notice a familiar pattern on someone else.

Beautiful photos! this is a very nice season to take photos of nature, enjoy now before winter comes

You have my sweater on.

I’m trying to stretch it out 😈

Doing a good job at it are you? Look, I don't mind you wearing my sweater, just look after it.