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I try to do a lot of things online. I make videos, I write articles, I try streaming, ect. I read about new crypto and things to do on HIVE. I had tons of fun with the versitility and weird stuff you could do on STEEM. STEEM was compromised so I took a long break, then started up playing on HIVE. I was starting to have tons of fun on here. I was looking at all kind of cool new features like the on comment coin functions in comments and blogs. I love the whole tribe and NFT aspect that HIVE has grown into. But just like with most things, my fun is ruined. Either the rules change, the stuff I make or do ends up getting no traction, or attracts asshole that ruin things. This just seems like the natural progression online. Fuck I'm sick of trying. Fuck people that make the internet unwelcome to experimenting. Everything is rigged. Everything is pointless to try. Fuck this shit.


I am sorry you are feeling this way. But not sure if this can brighten your mood, but I do like your posts! I have been following all your sharing on gaming and all. In fact, I love your post so much, I literally have your tab permanently opened. Everyday I would refresh and pop by to see if you posted anything new.

Well there are imbeciles everywhere I do agree. I am sorry about your experience. But if it even helps at all, you still have a loyal supporter here watching your posts about gameplay, actively joining your dCity giveaways, looking at small tiny things and taking notice when your display picture changes. Haha. Keep it up @ianmcg , your post are wonderful!

I appreciate it man. I think I'm going to take a break from HIVE. I was having fun giving out dCity stuff. I'll add up what is left and giveout some cards as a last post for a while.

Nah, no worries about the giveaway or what. Just upset that a fellow member of the community didn’t get a good experience.

Do let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. And when you’re back to Hive or make a trip to Singapore, do ping me up! You take care my friend!

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@ianmcg , not sure if you can see this but your tag is permanently in my browser, 8th from the left!