I have some success in creating sports schedule. Hope it will go on as it is:)

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Hi, guys!

Monday today, and I already have some success in following my new plan. For previous two days we, me, my hubby and Astro managed to take long walks, almost 16000 steps each. In the evening I also added light workouts, and at the moment it all feels hard, and I feel inner resistance for doing this all, but I know that it's all temporary. Soon enough, after first month, my body will remember, what it's like - to have regular sport, and will already feel happy about the training.

But at the moment I have to cheer myself up, so I make little promises. For example I promise myself that if I'll do everything I planned to do (at the moment only connected with physical activities) - I will allow myself an hour in one of my favorite games in the evening, or a nice movie. Such motivation really works for me, and I hope it will keep me going till the point where training itself will become a treat (and I know that such point always comes, I only have to wait enough).

Today I have a plan of one more long walk (and by the way there's a fresh Samsung challenge, and this time I want to get through it to the end. But there's a thing... The challenge is 200.000 steps, and there're 63 people, who finished it on day 1. Physically impossible, if you ask me. I passed one of the previous challenges and did not get to the end in other one (joined too late, and was too lazy during last week), and now I want to get to the end of this one with better results.

In the evening I will have a stretching training. I scheduled it for 18:00, and I will definitely be there. No justifications:) Of course my body wants to stay as still as possible, but it's temporary, and I know it.

In few days I will add drawing practices to this all. Doing all at once is too much effort and I know, that I have to add activities slowly. Once I get less or more used to one of them - time to add another one. In other case, if I start everything at one time - I will just fail and get to the point from where I started again, and work with motivation again. Don't want that:)

I have time for adding drawing regularly till 15th May, when my drawing classes will start. I hope I will get to that point fully armed with habits I developed.

And now it's time to go and develop them:)

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See you in the next post!
Love, Inber


We r used to be lazy, therefore we need to do much more activity than before pandemic.