Death and Life

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My friend died suddenly.

He was fit and healthy and on the verge of retirement. I swam with him but not in the same lane because he was stronger faster and fitter than me. We shared car journeys in which we'd talk about truth and morality, family and sometimes cars. We had debates and discussions but always retained a respect and love for each other.

I spoke to him not long before he died and he told me he looked forward to our next Facebook debate/discussion (he put it another way which I liked but now forget). It's harder to accept when it's someone like him. So unexpected. He loved to talk and be around people yet he told me he suffered from crippling depression at times in his life. He was one of the few people who would still engage with me in a courteous manner and I looked forward to seeing how he'd reply to my posts in the hope he would incite a reply from someone else and start a discussion.

Not long before he died, he declared (after being pressed) that he was a moral relativist and that he did not believe that there was an objective difference between right and wrong. He told me he accepted the will/beliefs of the majority and that I had a duty to do the same if I wanted to enjoy what he termed 'non essential' things like going to the theatre or pub.

He was double jabbed and proud of it. He died of 'calcification of the arteries'`. I read a bit about it and blood clotting is involved. People comment on how such a fit and healthy man can just drop dead at 55 but they won't talk about the jab and how thousands are being injured and killed by it.

I would have liked more time with my friend so we could have had proper philosophical discussions. There are not many left that are close to me that I feel it would be possible or comfortable to do so.

I'm upset and angry but will try to channel the emotion into doing good and positive things like speaking out in public more often about what is happening and how destructive belief systems like moral relativism and solipsism are to the future of humanity.

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Sorry for your loss buddy. Im still un-vaccinated and waitimg to read more evidence aboutbthe effects of "the jab".

Obviously working for the NHS and refusing the jab, i get some seriously dirty looks.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for you kind words.

You made a good decision based on what I have seen and read. You dodged a bullet and you are brave for staying strong considering the pressure you must be under. This isn't about a virus. What is happening is evil. Nothing that is happening is anything to do with public health. I know someone who went blind after getting the jab and someone else who had hearing problems (they were both under 50). It's not about eradicating a virus it is about eradicating a sizeable chunk of the global population in the next 3-5 years due to the effects of these mRNA drugs just like the animals in the trials.

Those taking this drug are part of the human trials and the results are not looking good. They are desperately trying to keep the lies going and keep people in fear so they don't wake up to what is happening (Afghanistan). I just hope the 18+ months (and ongoing) of poweful psychological operations in which people have been conditioned that government control their lives for thier own good have not been as successful as those behind them hoped. We'll find out soon.

I won't go down quietly

I wont say im as far down the rabbit hole as you are, but im definitely not too far behind.

I do believe this is an ongoing trial

I am concerned about the long term effects of of introducing mRNA in to the body

I am completely shocked at how well "project fear" was played out and how many people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

I thought that "we" were about 40 to 45% of the population, but it turns out were closer to only 5% who would actively resist the government (which scares me). Turns out were fucked if it all properly kicked off.

I hope that in 3, 5 or even 10yrs the truth will out and i will have been proven right about how weak this virus actuslly is. It will be just be paced under the "i have a cold" section once everyone stops being scared of it.

Ill continue to be un-vaccinated, and ill continue to say fuck you project fear, ill continue to stack precious metals and ill continue to my life for whats best for me and the family.

Right on brother.
You are a good guy and your ability to think for yourself and not be a victim of project fear will serve you and your family well.

Take it easy