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Hi friends.

Respect should always prevail, and while violence is bad, so is harassment and ridicule. No one deserves to be subjected to ridicule simply because someone thinks it is okay. Let's remember that we don't know the situations people go through in their lives.

I love watching funny videos on YouTube, I have already commented and shared this in previous posts. However, this does not mean that I should rejoice or be amused by the suffering of others. Humiliation is as condemnable as any act of violence. What we should strive for is to live in an environment of respect, consideration, and empathy.

With love,

Rima, E.



Hola amigos.

El respeto debe prevalecer siempre, y aunque la violencia es mala, también lo es el acoso y el ridículo. Nadie merece ser sometido al ridículo simplemente porque alguien piense que está bien. Recordemos que no sabemos las situaciones por las que pasa la gente en su vida.

Me encanta ver vídeos graciosos en YouTube, ya lo he comentado y compartido en entradas anteriores. Sin embargo, esto no significa que deba alegrarme o divertirme con el sufrimiento de los demás. La humillación es tan condenable como cualquier acto de violencia. Lo que debemos procurar es vivir en un ambiente de respeto, consideración y empatía.

Con cariño,

Rima, E.



I totally agree with you.
Because basically people will treat us, like we treat other people. And no one wants to get bad treatment from anyone.

Yes, you're right

This is so true and so important!

great honor ng respect other people.

I agree with you, that no one should be ridiculed in this world, let alone to make it a joke at an event, that's ridiculous in my opinion. Therefore, respect for everyone must always prevail over all

I agree with you

It is always no good if without respect. Everyone deserves respect.
Have a great day dear! 😀

Have a great day you too, my dear ❣

Thanks dear! 🥰

As important is calling someone out when they ridicule someone behind their backs.