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Hi friends

I am a person who likes to work, I feel that it is one of the things that give meaning to my life. It is not about making money, but about doing something I like. I like to work because I forget about any problems and focus on what I have to do, this is a relief for me.

After more than 15 days without being able to work today, I have been able to do it again, and although I feel tired I also feel happy. Little by little I am recovering my routine although I also understand that from now on many things are likely to change.

With love,

Rima, E.



Hola amigos

Soy una persona a la que le gusta trabajar, siento que es una de las cosas que dan sentido a mi vida. No se trata de ganar dinero, sino de hacer algo que me gusta. Me gusta trabajar porque me olvido de cualquier problema y me centro en lo que tengo que hacer, esto es un alivio para mí.

Después de más de 15 días sin poder trabajar hoy he podido volver a hacerlo, y aunque me siento cansada también me siento feliz. Poco a poco voy recuperando mi rutina aunque también entiendo que a partir de ahora es probable que cambien muchas cosas.

Con cariño,

Rima, E.


Congratz @rima11 for your routine work is back. Very happy to hear it. Blessing

Of course I am very happy to hear that. The word work sincerely and sincerely, of course, you will get an eternal peace. Can I know what work you do.I'm very happy with the post that you made, maybe it's happened that , I prefer work even though there is no money.

Rima Congratulations)

Sometimes I'm like that too, I do a lot of activities, sometimes it's just work that I like