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Hi friends.

It is good to keep positive thoughts that help us to be in a good mood. We know that although they are not the cure for all ills, they are the first step to achieving them. Learning to face different situations has nothing to do with high or low expectations since on many occasions not everything happens exactly as we expect.

Having high expectations fills us with enthusiasm, but at the same time, it can work against us if we are overconfident. On the other hand, having low expectations about something can plunge us into a sea of doubts and bad feelings. Therefore, it is best to think positive thoughts while taking into account possible adverse circumstances that may arise.

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Rima, E.



Hola amigos.

Es bueno mantener pensamientos positivos que nos ayuden a estar de buen humor. Sabemos que aunque no son la cura para todos los males, son el primer paso para conseguirlos. Aprender a afrontar las diferentes situaciones no tiene nada que ver con las altas o bajas expectativas ya que en muchas ocasiones no todo sucede exactamente como esperamos.

Tener altas expectativas nos llena de entusiasmo, pero al mismo tiempo, puede jugar en nuestra contra si nos confiamos demasiado. Por otro lado, tener bajas expectativas sobre algo puede sumirnos en un mar de dudas y malos sentimientos. Por eso, lo mejor es tener pensamientos positivos teniendo en cuenta las posibles circunstancias adversas que puedan surgir.

Con cariño,

Rima, E.


wow Language is cool and full of meaning. I am very happy to read it even though it is difficult for me to understand because of the limited knowledge I have.
I'm happy to give a little knowledge. In living a life, truth is the first foundation that we build to get rid of boredom in the mind, so we are governed by religious norms to easily deal with affairs.

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you're welcome, have a nice day

truly extraordinary. success will start from hope, but some people, different principles in making a hope. some have high hopes and some are just hopeful. however for me, I hang on to high expectations and I associate it with hard work and effort. so that if I fall, I will be caught between my very high hopes. not fall and break without getting back up.😊

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you success in everything you want to achieve.
Best regards ❣

you're welcome, my brother

Learning to face different situations has nothing to do with high or low expectations since on many occasions not everything happens exactly as we expect.

Agreed 💯 because it is not sure that every thing happens according to our wish or our expectations. We always should think positive thoughts to be in a good mood.

You are right ❣

Very good story buddy, and can be very valuable to me with your story, that's what I like about you, to always be able to read each of your posts, hopefully it can be useful for me and all friends who read it,
have a nice day 👍

Thank you. Have a nice day you too 🙏

It hurts when expectations haven't meet. It makes me heartbroken. But still I am thinking of good things of positive thoughts that it heal in time and good things are ahead of me.
Have a good day dear. ❤️🙏

That's the best thing we can do.
Thanks. Have a good day you too 🙏❣

Yeah true. 🙏

Your words have many meanings and meanings, and you are a very poetic person in my opinion.