Photographing Boats on the Coast of Aceh!

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Photographing Boats on the Coast of Aceh!

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Hello photography fans!

Afternoon is always a good time to go for a walk to release our fatigue after completing all our activities or if there is nothing else that is urgent and requires special attention, the afternoon is the right time to relax and release boredom.

Regarding the above, the sea is the right choice. This is because the sea is a pleasant and refreshing place for the eyes and seeps into the soul so as to create pleasant relaxation enjoying the beauty of the ocean and the beauty that is around the beach.

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According to the statement above, it is one of the interesting objects on the beach that I will show for all of my friends. The interesting object I mean is the fishing engine boat.

That afternoon, either by coincidence or by chance, when I visited the local seaside location, I saw so many motorized boats of fishermen leaning on the shore. Either they had just come back from fishing or the weather wasn't good so they didn't go fishing so there were so many fishing boats lined up along the shoreline that afternoon.

Looking at it like that, of course it's a good moment to take pictures even though I realize that I still have a lot to learn about this one world skill. Forget it! Taking pictures and continuing to shoot with a calm heart is much more enjoyable and that's how I felt on that still sunny afternoon.

How fun it is, here I pack some in this very simple skill. But one thing you need to know, sharing with you makes my heart happy.
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Thank you very much, take care of your health is the main thing. Enjoy your day!

Love, Seha76!


very nice view 👍


Glorious imagery, @seha76 !