An unexpected foot falls today in NYC, investors begin leaving; to avoid similar fines in real estate transactions!

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I didn't see this one coming! It makes sense that real estate investors would be concerned, because everything they do is now subject to the same possible fines!

Here, a major speculator is not building in NYC:

His claim of increased pressure from his investors to avoid such high legal risk areas; makes sense to me. This one surprised me, because I just hadn't thought of it yet....

He is building a multi-Billipn dollar data center, and it can apparently go wherever it has good power, and can high speed Internet connect! This is a 500 job company, with several thousand support jobs also needed, so NYC just lost 2500 new jobs tied directly because of this legal president, from this one investor!

In the video he talks about loser and winner states. He links that status to liberal or conservative policies. On the loser side, it is clearer to me if I look at it as a company budget. Any indirect job, while supporting company function, produces no product; so it's placed in the overhead side of the ledger. This type of job, like managers, engineers, janitors, warehouse people, and shipping staff; while necessary, dont produce direct income. A healthy company minimizes these jobs (while retaining needed staffing), to increase profits, that adds to the company's health. Politicians and their policies are pure overhead!!!

Overhead is a good description, if we consider Willie Coyote. I was sent this sign picture, so I am Not sure where it came from...but I'd Love to know! I'd like to visit, after reading the fine print on the sign.
So back to overhead, picture it as an anvil ready to fall. Then understand that in NYC that fine was 100+time larger than any past fine, which ironically makes it illegal by NY State Laws. But now look up, and make that anvil 100 times larger; just before it drops!

This is what real estate specilators, and other investors are seeing! Whatever funds they control, or partners invest; that money just needs to be used where a decent return can be expected. From what he pointed out, people no longer feel that NYC will provide a decent return; due to increased legal risks!

He is apparently shifted building plans for this project to Oklahoma, stating that it's legally safe; and a Winner State!

Big projects leaving, will hurt much more that the purchasing boycotts, and truckers shunning them. So move out to your homestead, and get out of NYC...before that large anvil falls!


This will hurt NYC for decades. Bad decision!!!!


Such decisions make people lose faith and then no one invests

That's already happened, investors are leaving in large groups!


When the investor does not get the profit, he leaves all the places and goes to another place

The legal risk in NYC is the reason people are leaving with their investment money.


When there is fear and there is no profit, that is why investors withdraw their money

The Democrats are running out of darts to throw. At this point, they're just hitting themselves.

You can only lie for so long, then people figure you out! So you're spot on, only the most ignorant are still following them.

I just worry about the heavy turnout of voting by printing press that carried the 'popular' vote in 2020….


The Democrat Crime Organisation is so desperate to stop Trump winning they are destroying confidence in the legal system and their home cities.

I expect them to try to call Marshall Law to try to stop the next election. If a true election happens, they will face prosecution for all their felonies, so they will destroy everything to avoid that!!!

They're still trying to kick the COVID dead horse, to kill more people with fear and vaccines! 💉🤬😡🤢🤮😭

The still choose to rule in hell....


In fact, if the Governor of New York states that this legal precedent only applies to Donald J. Trump, that is arbitrary and capricious law enforcement prohibited by the US Constitution. Whether or not Trump overturns this on appeal, on that basis or another, the Governor has blatantly stated that New York is no longer ruled by laws that apply equally to it's people, but by the whims of it's overlords, who can single any one of them out for arbitrary lawfare and oppression by a corrupt government.

We have seen this since 2020 in ever increasing significance and breadth, that leftists like Antifa, racists like BLM, and corporations controlled by BlackRock demand censorship of their enemies never dreaming the censorship could be applied to them, demanding reparations for slavery no one they are demanding them from ever undertook, while their own ancestors were slaveowners, making them liable to pay, and bans, censorship, and deplatforming of outgroups on social media of people trying desperately to alert them to hazards that are killing them, seizing the bank accounts of people protesting tyranny, and importing tens of millions of foreign men of fighting age just when our military is collapsing from lack of volunteers and war is emerging across the world involving America.

If these morons were only destroying themselves, we could be sad, but allow them to dig their graves. But it is our children, and our children's children they are leading into their graves, and that we cannot allow.


Very correct! They are using Fascist political planning from 1930's Germany!

This investor was saying that anyone could be singled out as Trump has been. So he and many others are just going elsewhere, to mitigate this risk!

This is so far above a sane fine, that NY State law prohibits it; so it will be overturned.

The censorship and deplatforming they are doing would be a dream for Adolph Hitler! He didn't have the tech they do, but I'm sure he would have approved of their use today. With their stated goals for a 95% reduction in the World population; they plan graves for most all of our kids and grandkids! But their planning source is the same one Hitler and china had...they have sold their soul's to the Devil himself! Realizing that, their moves make perfect sense...evil is now in charge; by direct purchase.

It's always good to run across a critical thinker; they must hate you as much as they hate me, keep proding them!


it will fall soon but this was already known or rather we knew it... it's better that people get out of there!

The Bible tell us to flee the city for the country! Tulsa here is over half a million people, so I need to get done too; and get moved.


Many have told me that too! Let's keep on preparing

Slight interruption, I have to cook for the homeless Sunday; then back to it!

How brilliant, it makes me very happy!

Seems to stay busy here for sure! We will feed about a hundred on Sunday.


That's going to be great!!

I think it has been long predicted and known that it will fall soon

Yes the fall of civilization will begin in the cesspools called mega cities!