Still Alive

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It's me, your boy Svem. Things have been busy, both on chain and off chain... I might start writing again soon, but we'll see how things go in the near future. But be sure, I'm always around, lurking witnessing from the shadows.

Quick update:

I'm still alive!
Still in Australia. (Covid had me locked down for 2 years tho)
Still doing research on space stuff - and it's more interesting than ever, research paper 1 submitted, paper 2 near submission.

I've been training to get into triathlons (but pools were closed) So...
I'm 2/3 ready for my first triathlon race (just to get that 1km swim in one go).

That is a short summary of my life in the last 2 years. :)

See you around folks!


It's nice to see that some of you still remember me! :)
Thanks for a nice welcoming.

Some of us do, my friend... A lot more (I'm sure) but, they probably have not stumbled across this most recent post😎

Stay well.

Awesome, WB

<3 thanks!

Hellooooo! Good to know you're still alive. xD 👋

Alive and kicking! 👋

I thought you escaped to the stars @svemirac...!?!?!?!?!?

Half way there! :)
Great to see you still around!

Still around, but barely... Mostly reading other peoples stuff and contributing with votes


Good to hear that you're still alive lol.
Good luck with the triathlon when the pools open up. 👍

Thank you! :)
I'll be doing my best to reach the goal this year. :)

Glad to read this. I was wondering as I didn't see anything from you for a while!

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Check-up! Did you manage to swim the 1km in one go yet? :D