Will hive community accept the prodigal son?

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Hello good people?!

How we go these days hivians? bees? nerds? cool kids? If you recognise in any of these, hi. If not, correct me in the comments. 😊
Over the last few years I attempted to consistently post on hive but failed miserably. Few days ago, I decided to give it another try.


At the moment some things are happening in my life, one would say life-changing, where I'm standing at the invisible crossroads of lifepath. Something might happen or might not and it does not depend entirely on me, but it is what it is. There is one song I recently started vibing with (Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around to Die; linked at the end of this post).

So, I'll try to keep my sanity in this period and focus on writing, both professionally and here, and analogue diary (that one won't be public), but you'll get some rambling here as well.

Regarding content: I'm thinking of going completely random... from the usual travel photo dumps [visited some cool and unusual places lately]; stargazing, maybe some science (probably not, who cares about that, right? :) ), some crypto games I got hooked on, the unusual rambling, and who knows - Cooking stuff? I've been cooking a lot and slowly growing my knife collection. so maybe I'll showcase it one day.

And if you have some free witness slots or you are voting for inactive witnesses, don't hesitate to approve the witnesses that I am operating.
@curie - rank 26
@crowdwitness - rank: 60.


Hey biiiitccchh. Any updates about stars that we don’t know of? Have you found aliens yet 😮

Heeey there girl!!! 😻 Nice to see familiar faces around. :)

Most of the stars are relatively boring (process-wise), but there are some phenomena out there, yes :)
Aliens, no aliens yet; but I'm involved in a project to map out habitable zones in our galaxy, based on the high energy radiation (cosmic-rays). :)