Lets talk vitamins and minerals my top 3

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Hello my fellow Steemers with the colder part of the year in full swing in my part of the world, i thought i would share what helps to keep me in good vigor. I would be extremely grateful if you could share your own concoctions and health hacks with me in the comments.

I will start with my No.1 go to vitamin, Ester C i have had great success with this as a immune booster, especially when the common cold decides to raise its ugly head. I have found this long lasting vitamin to really get my immune system firing and recovery seems to be supercharged when i need it the most.

No.2 would have to be Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. I find this little gem to work great with Ester C. The alleged health benefits are many and I would have to concur that this is a powerful immune booster. Aged Garlic is produced by extracting and aging organic fresh garlic at room temperature for 20 months. By combining this extraction/aging process, the antioxidant levels in the extract become higher than that found in fresh garlic.

No.3 well, this is a hard one. I take many different supplements from time to time but when I need a real boost I turn to golden milk. Golden milk is an age old recipe that has been used across the world for a variety of ailments. There are hundreds of different recipes but they all have something in common Turmeric and coconut oil/milk. turmeric is an amazing spice and the alleged health benefits are many, this is also the case with coconut oil. The concoction I use is organic turmeric,coconut oil , coconut milk, black pepper,cinnamon and about a table spoon of Manuka honey. I find it to have a deep warming effect , boost my mood and give me a great and sustained energy boost.

Please do your own research and get professional advice before taking any supplements.
I look forward to hearing what you use to maintain optimum health.

remember your health is your wealth


I've been using ionic/colloidal silver for more than 20 years to clear sinus infections and other issues. It has been a Godsend and has freed me from dependence on the "medical/industrial complex." :)

Colidal silver and gold are great . I couldn't agree more we all need to avoid the medical/ industrial complex