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Our children received a moped from friends. An old moped (Tomos standard) that still had to be refurbished. Our youngest loves to tinker with anything and everything so we started cheerfully.


Together they bought a new cylinder and a new exhaust and a few more things to put on the moped. The moped was professionally disassembled.


I also really enjoy tinkering with those old mopeds. So I helped them a bit where I could.

Unfortunately it turned out slightly differently, the new cylinder was probably not greased enough for the first time, or something was wrong. We can't really trace it back, but at least the cylinder and piston have died.



It almost seems as if there was something in the block that eventually ended up in the colinder. In any case, it is clear that this will no longer work :)

The boys were disappointed, of course. And I fully understand that. So now I have taken out the entire engine and ordered new parts. We are now going to revise the entire block so that we can no longer run into surprises like this.



Our oldest son is recovering from his accident the other week but is already looking fo a replacement for his scooter (wicht is total loss). So today we are going to have a look at a second hand moped with gears.

I whish you a excellent sunday,

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Wow, that looks like a really cool project to dive into. I have a couple of small engines on equipment in my garage that I really need to tear apart and look at. I don't know how easy it will be to find replacement parts for them.

Voor Tomos engines (the brand of this mopped) there are still a lot of parts available for a affordable price. So that's cool :)

That piston definitely looks messed up. At least these engines are simple. I am no expert on engines, but I once fitted new pistons in a Honda 400/4 with some help. My neighbour is always rebuilding bikes. It's a good skill for the kids to learn.

You're very right :) The technique of those older engines are (for me too) quiet simple. I love it when they learn stuf like this. The piston is messed up indeed.. We need a new one I'm affraid :)

My god man. You all know your way around a machine. I would be lost at the first step!!

lol !! It looks more complicated then it really is. Just remember how everything was removed, and put it the same way back :) But it is fun to do with the kids !!

Engines and soldering, that's my weaknesses. Mibbe I should just say metal is my weakness! In all ways :0)