Some hard weeks, but things have to picked up again....

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I have been offline for a while. Didn't had the inspiration or joy to write a post. As I mentioned in my Former post a good colleque and friend of mine has passed away during his holiday, all of a sudden. This past few weeks it's hard to realize he is not comming back.

His cremation was private, but me and our team manager were asked to tell them about him. I had to think about it for a while, because I have never done that before. But I soon realized, along with my wife, that he deserved it. So I got over it and wrote a nice farewell speech. Pure from my heart and about our beautiful memories, because we have and will always have them. I had trouble controlling my emotions, but I told my story .... I was proud, proud of my friend with whom I was able to experience many beautiful things.

I felt very sorry for his children, 2 sons aged 18 and 20. They spoke too, it was impressive and heartbreaking at the same time. They will have a hard time in the near future ....

Music was also played, one song (which I thought was a great song anyway) will make me memories of him forever.

Source Still Loving You by the Scorpions

Sitting in the room full of sad people, the song played very loud..... it was impressive....

Now it's work as usual, work with a big empty space... I still see his emails, got reactions on his passing away from former colleques. I think that will be like that for a while.... But of course we have to go on, it's a part of life and a experience we all go through some day....

There are two more songs I have listened to the past weeks, one is "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche. Just such a beautyful song.


And the other is "Take away my pain" by Dreamtheater. A song John Petrucci wrote when his dad passed away. At the moment I can relate to his pain a bit... The lyrics are just awesome.


Hope you are all doing fine, and see and read again soon !!

Have a great evening,



I feel for you. I lost a musician friend a couple of years ago and still miss him. We sang one of his songs at the funeral and I still play it now. The music lives on.

Thanks Steve. A great way to honour him to sing a song of his own at his funeral. Yes, sometimes people can create big holes by not being there anymore. I have to say, I haven't had this often, of course I lost people more in my life. But this time it has hit me hard. But the music and his legacy lives on indeed Steve....

Man it's crap when this happened,

A good friend of mine from work died around 4 years ago now (I lived in the flat above him too). I know what you mean about the empty space - and you end up seeing their name all over the place on documents that have been uploaded to various shared spaces.

For reasons I won't go into, that death was totally avoidable had he not been in total denial about being ill for so long, such a waste!

it is, isn't it..... must be hard realizing his passing had been avoidable... darn... Thanks !!!

Sorry to hear that. It sounds like it has definitely been a really tough time. I always forget just how awesome the Scorpions are. I know their big hits, but I have never really dug into their catalog. Then I will be listening to the Sirius/XM Hair Nation station and they will come on and I will think to myself "man these guys are awesome".