Blogging for passion or for pay?

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One of the reasons why I love Steemit and is because people on this platform ACTUALLY BLOG stuff. I started my blog in 1999 via Geocities and Tripod. 20 years later, 95% of the bloggers I've gotten to know have dropped blogging in favour of social media.

sad face meme

I have clearly stated my disdain for social media. I really don't want to judge, but this just means that most prefer to resort to short texts that provide instant gratification.

Which, I swear, is not such a bad thing. I'm on social media myself, so I understand.

However, I really wish people would start EXPRESSING themselves properly again, the way people who blog do. Blogging gives the impression that you have really thought things through to an extent, instead of just blabbing because you can.

It's more interesting and fun to imagine one's way of contemplating an experience or a topic based on how a person blogs. In return, we learn a lot from each other, and possibly, emphatise more with humanity.

LOL sorry if I sound a little down.

It's just sometimes the reality of blogging hits hard, like today. I'm "spring-cleaning" my blog posts in dated as far as 2006, and had to remove so. Many. Dead. Links.

Link is 4040 ded

Understandably, I know for a fact that at least half of the blogs that existed at that period were meant for money-making. Still ;-(

I really miss that community. Now, though, I have Steemit and to surf, and that makes me really happy <3

Remember, kids. If you want longevity, make sure to find a way to match your money-making efforts to your passion. If you're simply blogging because you want to make money and not because you love words, then you're probably better doing something else.

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