The toxic world that is social media

in #life4 years ago

I shouldn't even be blogging about this. After all, my current job is all about social media promotion. Nevertheless,I can't shy away from the fact that we now consider social media life as real life.

Do you act the same way you communicate in social media? Do you share the same (non) filter online as you do when speaking face to face with others?

I have noticed that people online are more driven to focus on fear and the negatives rather than promote kindness and positivity, especially the younger generations. No wonder mental illness is growing.

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I would like to believe we can separate real life with online life. Or, at the very least, act civil online as we do in real life.

I still have a love-hate relationship with social media, both personally and professionally. The self-proclaimed "Internet experts" have been harking for years about how websites and blogging are dead, yet here we are. Still.

I won't even go into how skewed views are on those online media platforms. Tail wagging the dog and all that.

I just wished people are more aware of what's fact and what's not, and still able to communicate civilly.

I'm so glad that my kids aren't into social media despite their tech-savviness.