Splinterlands Fraudulently Issued Server Assets To Oblige Botters

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This post is geared for people that understand the game #splinterlands.

Splinterlands is destorying the values of NFT gaming. They are promoting ideas that are crtically detrimental to the future of blockchin (real money) gaming.

As a player, you know that cards were sold in 'packs' for $2 each. These packs each contained cards that were clearly sold under the condition that they were limited NFT assets to be used in the game to win real money rewards.

That's not what happened. Splinterlands decided to add something called 'ghost cards' These ghost cards are EXTRA copies of existing NFT assets, that were once sold as LIMITED. They are now theoretically UNLIMITED (limited by the number of accounts created).

There are a number of cards, including some from the most recent set, Untamed, that are given away for free, to every single account (300k+) that exists.

These are server-based (non blockchain) COPIES of cards that were sold as LIMITED NFT assets.

Yes, the game itself gives away COUNTERFEITS to be used IN-GAME so players could earn the 'real money' rewards. NON BLOCKCHAIN assets in the 'blockchain game'...

This DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THE WHOLE GAME! Some people INVESTED in these 'game' NFT cards, thinking they were limited! They are not! They are FREELY DUPLICATED for everyone to have...

By everyone, I mean mostly BOTTERS. Botters have scaled up and they are growing large. They are using the 'ghost cards' to earn the daily reward. Splinterlands did this. They gave them YOUR cards (extra 'copies') so that these bots can easily WIN enough to collect the rewards.

I don't throw around 'FRAUD' lightly. Think about it, you THINK you're playing a blockchain game. But the BLOCKCHAIN assets they sold you are being DUPLICATED fraudently on the server in order to win the rewards.

Remember. You were sold limited NFTS useable in game. The game decided to trash your NFTs and install their own private version so botters could better compete with you for the rewards! That's the whole reason you BOUGHT these NFT, is to earn the rewards! Welp, now the botters are getitng so much of the rewards, thanks to their FRAUD server-cards.

I WELCOME anyone to COMMENT and debate in defense of the splinterlands! The game defrauded players / investors.

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Ghost cards are limited when it comes to rarity. No legend ghost cards. They are also limited to only being level 1. All in all I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks. Players who start playing need cards to wins and grows. Ghost cards does this. If bots were to gauge this game it would be limited to the bronze league at best. Which battle wins don’t amount to much rewards compare to higher leagues. Yet the game will be filled with opponents for real players to face off. I would believe the more real players join the more likely there will be more players playing better than bots, detouring bot owners to find other avenues to earn. Even if bot owners were to buy 1 million spell book accounts the proceeds helps SL grow and develop more features while everyone including normal gamers will benefit from. For a normal player to just grow his deck via zero cards from the start will make entry to the game very difficult. Rather like in any real card game players are buying a starter set which is what the ghost cards are intended to be. It’s good we all are having discussions about this. What do you think? Thanks. !LUV and !PIZZA






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You're pandering, saying 'more bots bring more money. You said, "bot owners were to buy 1 million spell book accounts the proceeds helps SL grow"

Right there, you ONLY care about selling to botters in order to make your game SEEM popular. They will be BOTS. You think creating and imploying forgery of our NFT assets to attract the bots is HELPFUL. No, it's FRAUD. I paid for NFT cards to use in game, not compete against botters that were given the same copies for free!

You are trying to justfy the issuance of free 'starter' cards, so that more botters are enticed to join, entirely for money!

It doesn't matter that they are 'only level 1' I bought them as level 1 too!
That is the developer in main channel promoting his bot friend. You're not allowed to talk about how bots are BAD in that channel, but many the mods PROMOTE them in a vareity of ways.

2 sets of rules! You can talk about bots if you praise them, like you do "because splinterlands makes more money" but you can't say that it's BAD.

The point remains. These were supposed to be LIMITED NFT assets. There were sold SPECFICALLY under the conditions that they would be LIMITED. The game cheated players after they paid. They went ahead and started giving them FREE copies to earn with in order to attact more BOTTERS.

It's sad. Some people will do ANYTHING for money.

IF this game ever reaches 1m, it won't be good news. It will be mostly all BOTS. And most people in there sphere of gaming will know that it's all bots, and that splinterlands doesn't uphold the values of blockchain NFT gaming. They create a forgery of our NFT assets in order to attract players.

Like others mentioned the ghost nfts only exists inside the accounts. Can’t be traded or sold. That clearly doesn’t make them valuable. New players have to get a start from somewhere so a starter set helps. If your so concern about duplicating cards then propose to aggroed separate ghost cards for starter set?

Regarding the bots I am not in favor of milking the rewards especially by bots. But this is apart of the dencentralized world. SL is not perfect but does a good job combating the bots. Dec energy bar % drop and lower rewards in lowest ranks reduces the bots from milking the rewards. SL will only get better from here and let’s be constructive by finding ways to better combat bots than to ban them. This will only strengthen the value of all SL assets. Right?

At the end of the day all assets will likely end up being zero but the friendships we forge and the bonds we create are priceless memories. It’s just fun watching assets we hold rise in price and won’t it be fun to have it as a way to earn a living rather than working a 9-5 job?

I appreciate how you wrote what you did.

I feel there are other problems with the game too, I could write a lot of posts and it would sound like I'm trying to bring the game down.

There are gov tokens, but no platform for players to DISCUSS these issues. There should have been a forum for debate LONG ago. Discord doesn't work well.

I don't like the presedents they are setting and brainwashing the new blockchain gamers with. You don't like bots, I don't like them. SL loves them.

I honestly feel if they could get 1m accounts next month and all botters, they would LOVE that. There's a lot to talk about the 'future' of this game.

I am honestly telling you, that after the CL comes, I believe that will be the end of SL. I don't think it will survive though all of CL. It will do 'okay' for the time, for some months.

When it crashes, you'll know it. Everyone will be trashing the game, pointing out the bots and such. They won't survive it. Whales will not DUMP their cards, so values won't tank, they will just do nothing but go down. This is some months after the expansion set comes out.

BOTTING is a big issue. SL bet the farm that 'players and bots can coexist in a pvp game'. They're mistaken, it will just take some time to see.

Your sentiment is warranted and I have seen it before. In fact a big whale complained right after untamed came out with similar dislike in the game. He was literally ranked 1st in card ownership and sold out his stake. The card market at the time was devastated by his flooding of max level cards. Time passed and here we are SL thriving better than before.

I know nothing lasts forever but as each expansion is introduced some how SL pulls out ahead better the the previous set. I don’t know what will happen when CL comes out but I’ll be sticking around since it’s my favorite game. If it crashes I am a buyer. If it does not I hold enough cards to reap in some gains.

I played some of the other so call popular games axis and alien worlds but I don’t like them the way I do with SL. The game is complex yet battles results happen pretty quick.

I'd be that guy quit out of PRINCIPLE and did what he did to make a statement. He saw that SL was corrupting the values of blockchain gaming and OWNERSHIP. He bought those cards thinking they would long term assets that were immutable and would not be diluted. The game is destorying the values of blockchain game, injuring ALL blockchain games by doing this.

They are doing things that will HURT the mainstream adoption of blockchain games by SPOILING it. And they are getting away with it! To accept what they are doing is a DESTRUCTIVE precedent. They are STEALING value from these cards by giving MORE THAN THE PROMISED to be used in game!

It doesn't matter that these are SERVER phonies, they do the exact same thing as the real thing. NFT items are going to be viewed as JOKE by the mainstream if gaming companies get away with doing this! The whole principle of this game is spoiled.


Here is an example of an UNTAMED card that was supposed to be limited in mint, but is given away freely:

It's a 'ghost card' I don't 'own it' (the server does, it's a fake) And all acounts can use these cards to profit. It was sold to me as a limited asset. The formulas that it could come to exist were promoted as the 'selling point'. It turns out, I was cheated. The card is not limited in principle, as it's used by 100's of thousands of accounts FOR FREE. That's not right.

The "Ghost" cards can't be traded at all, they are merely intended for cards that starters can play with. The 10$ purchase of the spellbook is the cost to start earning DEC by wallet. It seems that bots can use the Ghosted cards and win the daily chest at minimum. Newly released reward cards are still trading at a dollar so bots can breakeven in time. The money is with the reward chests not the issue with Ghosted cards.

I could go on a lot of tangents about what bots do, how they earn etc.
The ghost cards, right back to the OLD way of gaming. Shady server assets minted to infinity.
The only problem here, is that these very assets were sold to be usable in game and exactly with an exclusive mint number.

The whole GAME revolves around the rewards. That's why people paid to own these NFTS.

But the game added MORE than they SAID would exist. It doesn't matter that the 'ghost cards' are not NFT exactly. That's the problem! They're NOT. They're fake cards, being used in game EXACTLY like the real ones. And they are earning the same rewards from these, as if they had a real one!