Trip To Brixton, London

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Yesterday I took at trip to Brixton in London in the afternoon, I was there to see a gig by the band The The at the famous venue the Brixton Academy. I walked around taking in the culture and sounds.


This is the market in Electric Avenue, made famous in a song by Eddy Grant.

Brixton is a centre for the British African Caribbean community stemming from what is known as the Windrush Generation, those who came as immigrants from Jamaica.


There are therefore many shops selling exotic food to cater for the diverse local community.


I also went to a new pop up village made from shipping containers full of different kinds of shops and food stalls.

DSCPDC_0000_BURST20180606153631544 (1).JPG

There is another shopping centre called Brixton village

DSCPDC_0001_BURST20180606165752881 (1).JPG

I went to a Mexican restaurant here and had Churros, a mexican fried dessert.

DSC_0273 (1).JPG

I could not believe the sheer size of the Brixton Academy venue.



The gig was fantastic. A band I knew from when I was a teenager, so a trip down memory lane for me.



Thanks for the Post and presenting Brixton in a positive light for once. I have never seen anything good written about Brixton, since we know there are no absolutes then it just means everyone else has been so narrow minded to only focus on negatives. The comments below blame immigration. Now let say the law is made for everyone to return to their Countries (because that is what you really want) where pray tell would the BNP member go? The violence has 2 sides to it.

I will always portray the cultural mix, wouldn't life be awful if we were all the same ? Britain is an island, always been invaded, those who perceive it as their birthright are wrong in my eyes. Very bigoted. We HAVE to live together in harmony despite our differences. But probably too idealist. It can be done !

Well said. The place I identify with most happens to be England, London to be specific. History has happened and we are faced with the consequences. Since we can no go back in time to Not Colonize and raid other Nations the best we can do is live at peace with everyone.

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Looks like the Brixton Academy look so massive from the inside.

I've been in Liverpool, England once just last year but we didn't make it to london due to that terrorist attack. Better be safe than sorry.

Nice photography specially the graffiti.
Cheers mate! 😃

Glad the trip went well for you but I'd be careful around London, it wasn't so long ago that people were shot in the very area you visited :S

yes indeed, I was very conscious of this, and was as careful as possible, violent crime has escalated in London in recent years for reasons I don't fully understand.

Unfortunately, there's no dancing around the issue, it's immigration, but people are too scared to admit it for fear of being screeched at by deranged anti-capitalists and left wingers calling them racist.

I would say you are absolutely spot on there. I could feel the undercurrent of tension and aggression. You are not being racist ,just factually correct .

wow, this is awesome, fantastic gig.

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Very nice photos of Brixton and the music hall.
Everything looks so big but clean!
Glad you had a great time!

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