[ Bumper Update ] - The Future of Bumper - [ Switching Gears ]

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All good things come to an end

But all ends are a start of a new beginning

Hey everyone. It was a blast last year to service all you people with @bumper upvote service, but unfortunately our service as it is right now slowly comes to an end.

We already informed you guys and girls before about the drop in returns as it was impossible for us to return 300% ROI with the delegations prices going up. But now with SBD being a lot lower then STEEM we can not even keep up with 230% return.

This is our problem

As we always been transparent this is our issue at current times. In order to run bumper we need 982 STEEM per month to pay of our delegations. Currently we have 763 SBD accumulated this month but we lose over 200 STEEM due to the conversion between STEEM and SBD.

Click here to see all bumpers delegations
As you can see we simply can not keep up with the current way we distribute votes.

The future of Bumper

Over the last 10 months bumper has accumulated around 700 Steempower. Together with my own delegation and that of @swolesome we get around 2k / 3000 steempower.

We are going to use this small amount of power in order to run a bidbot for small votes. We will try to rent some extra delegation in order to give us a higher vote percentage but at this moment it is unclear how much we will be renting.

Once our BidBot service starts you can follow the bids of each current round incl last round via http://bumperbids.tk

Can we still use bumper right now ?

Yes, until we have lost all our delegation you will be able to use the Bumper upvote service as you are use to. In 4 / 5 days from now we will lose the first 18000 steempower, and then it will take another 7 to 12 days for the rest to disappear. Once all our delegation is gone we will refund everyone that is still within the pre-order list.

Last word

It was a blast supporting all of you guys and if we find a way to come back we will be back. If the SBD price go's back up we might have another go at it but currently impossible to continue at these delegation prices.

We have stopped posting the daily reports already so this blog stays at top of our account for more visibility.

How we going to be back and work this out is at current times unknown. We are looking to all kind of different options and trying to pick the one that suits the best. Until then stay tuned for more info !


Well i'd just like to thank you guys for running such a great service!

hope you will come back faster

I send 0.100 sbd 10 hours ago but not receive any vote check please

@kaleem345 i already reacted on your support ticked within Discord.
But upvotes will not happen immediately due to a high demand of links
on our database. We can only upvote a finite amount of links per day
but we receive many more a day then we can upvote.
Therefor it takes several days before you receive your upvote.
If you need more help feel free to contact me on Discord.

Thanks for everything! Hope you guys come back soon :) Had sent a .500 SBD for a post 2 days back. Will I get an upvote for it or will it be refunded ? Link Below


@sajannair I hope so to buddy.
And our bot did not catched your transaction.
we have reimbursed your 0.5 SBD

Are you responsible for upvoting this comment spam?


I ask that you cease from this activity. Reports to Steemcleaners on the @epicsounds account are forthcoming.

@bumper, couldn't you take Steem instead of SBD as payment for post promotion instead?

@katysavage it would be possible to continue using STEEM
as being the dominant payment for Bumper.
but we have all our assets currently in SBD.
Converting it right now would give us a loss of around 300 STEEM.
We would have to wait until the prices are a little closer together
in order to minimize our losses.

This is one of the options i am looking into for the future

That makes sense. Thank you for getting back to me. I wish the best for you and hope the price dips enough for you to switch. :)

Love your service if you never need a backup plan I guess you can donate to other bots. That way we can indirectly use your service...

@sames donating to other bots will not help me nor you buddy.
It will only help those that we donate to. I rather wait until the prices
are okey again so we can start bumper back up.

So will I get the upvote when the prizes are back??

Wopps I meant delegate to other bots. That way we can indirectly use your service...
you commented on a comment that I almost forgot making. :)

It's BidBot, not BitBot.

Good luck!

Awesome service thanks

sad news...

Hallo @bumper have you forgotten me, for two days I have not received a reply from you .. !! thank you

@ziapase if we missed an upvote then please provide us with the blog link
so we are able to check this for you. without blog link i am not able to check this.
Best is to contact me on This Discord Server then we will be able to help you faster. Many thanks

All I can say is THANK YOU for this effort, better times will come!

@ubikalo thanks for your support buddy.
We are hoping on better times ourself's also.
If we step into better times in the future we will
jump start bumper back up.

Hi guys, I haven't received the vote on this article yet https://steemit.com/life/@ottto/stories-for-the-soul-2

Although I was voted into this one, which is newer.

I've been through it before with you in an article where you didn't vote for me and didn't return the 0.5 SBD, I hope this time if you can return my SBDs to me.

@ottto thanks for reaching out to us.
I just have reimburse your 0.5 SBD for this blog.
I saw in your wallet that you did not received a wallet memo back from our bot,
it could have be that it was down due to the nodes disconnecting all the time.
You always need to get a memo from us back then you are in the database.

You say this happened to you before ?
Can you please provide me with a link to this blog and
picture of your payment history so i can verify this ?
Then i am will be more then happy to reimburse you for this link also.

Best is to contact me via our Discord Server as
we will be faster with helping you.

Many thanks

Hay @bumper 2 days ago I send you 0.2sbd still didn't receive your upvote.

@intisar thanks for reaching out to us.
By the time i check your blog you already received
an upvote from us. Check your wallet as we will send you
a automated message back with an estimated time it takes
before you receive your upvote. Upvotes do not drop immediately after
payment due to high demand.

If you need more info you can find me
on our Discord Server
Many thanks

I'm really new and a novice, but I understand that your delegated sp is reducing, so what can all of us really do to support you and one another? Because I believe we are one

@synick many thanks for your concerns and willingness to help us out ;)
But to run bumper we need around 1000 Steem per month.
Normally that is no problem for us but due to the SBD price dropping low
we lose a few 100 Steem on the market to convert the SBD to Steem.

Because of that we are unable to continue with our current service.
We are looking in different ways to come back and if not we are looking
to continue with a different kind of service.

I very much appreciate your and everyones help on this matter
but there badly enough is not much anyone could do.

If you know some bigger guy that likes to rent us SP for a better price
then let me know as this will be a solution but badly enough its also
the only solution at this current time.

But your willingness to help us out is very much appreciated :D

I'm sorry, I don't know of anyone who can do such-rent you steem. But I want to make a suggestion. Have all your supporters and active followers contest, maybe in creating a new @bumper logo with an entry fee (maybe 0.5 to 1 steem or even 1sbd) with an application statement as memo. And the winner receives a little percent of the income acquired (10-30 percent).

I think its a good idea, because
One week
100 supporters × 0.5 steem = 50 steem
100 supporters × 1sbd = 100sbd

This would cover up for all the losses.

Your supporters will also help, promote this idea (when published), so that external users can as well, join the contest.

But, anything we do, should be on your basic.

@synick nice thinking but that would defeat the purpose of our service haha.
People come to us to earn extra money on their posts.
So by holding a contest that you have to pay for to enter will not work.
I dont think people even like to enter a contest they have to pay for to join.

But we will be back in some time buddy when we find us a new way.
In the mean time we will be doing something else until we can be back ;)

0.5 SBD remittance ~

@chosk i have seen this message a few times already
but we need more information in order to help you.
Please provide us with the blog link you did not received a
upvote on. Also provide us with a picture to the payment you have
made to bumper.

Once we received this info and vertified that we missed an upvote
we will with no doubt reimburse your SBD. But we need more
info in order to help you.

If you need more info or help faster the best you can do
is to contact me on our Discord Server

Many thanks

I don't want to trouble you. But I have sent 0.5 SBD 3 days ago. Do I still get an upvote for my post or is it too late? :) Do take your time. I know you're working hard!

Nevermind. It’s done. ;)

@d0zer glad it resolved itself ;)

Hi! @bumper unfortunately I send to you SBD twice with one memo, https://steemit.com/flowers/@travoved/bouquet-of-beauty-flowers. Will be my money returned or it will be considered as donation?
And one more moment as I see not only me did not received a wallet memo back from bot. I mean a comment from @otto. It happened three days ago. Can you help me with it?

@travoved No we don't do that consider donation thing. It's wrong in my opinion
as we do not state this in our description.
i see the double transaction and reimbursed you 0.5 SBD. ;)

Woops wrong account :P hehe

Thank you @epicsounds for returned SBD! Wish you good luck! And I still hope to receive upvotes to posts for wednesday's transactions.

@stalexmkl you are in our database waiting for the upvotes.
As our SP is lower at this right moment it takes longer then usual.
We will return you an upvote asap and if we are to late
you will automatically be refunded.

Ok, thank you very much!

thank u

Hope you will find the way to get back with your service, especially if powering up becomes less expensive again.

sent 4 days ago Transfer 0.500 SBD to bumper https://steemit.com/busy/@ibrah87/spain-the-king-of-modern-football

no upvote yet

@ibrah87 i have looked to your blog but by now you received your upvote

thank you bumper!!

Hello @bumper. 4 days ago I sent 0.3 SBD for my post https://steemit.com/cervantes-ciencia/@davidchapy/de-pelicula-nasa-destruira-asteroide-con-armas-nucleares
I still have not received an answer from your upvote. I expect a prompt response.

@davidchapy that is because our SP is diminishing and
it was taking longer then normal to receive an upvote.
By now your blog went through our system and you received your upvote.

Hello @bumper. 3 days ago I sent 0.500 SBD for my post https://steemit.com/esteem/@total88/sate-apaleh-the-popular-satay-in-aceh-c46215879c482
I still have not received an answer from your upvote. Thanks.

@total88 You are in our database but as you can read we are letting our delegations expire.
Its takes longer then normal to get your upvote.
If we are to late to vote on your blog you will receive a refund automatically

Thank you for your explanation @bumper, regards

@panza i actually still have 4 links in the database from your account.
We try to upvote these posts asap with the last SP we have left.
But if we are unable to you will receive an refund ;)

Hello @bumper, I still didn't get upvote on my post:

@gavrilo Yes it takes longer then the estimated time shown in the wallet.
That because that time was made with higher SP and we have less now.,
But by now you have received your upvote

Hope you rebound soon!

Thank you for everything but if whales and dolphins actually curated minnow new comers wouldn't even need this type of service. Who does Steemit really serve?

Will you give a refund who by mistake sent SBD after your service closed? I see still some people sending SBD. I send 0.5 SBD then noticed your service closed!

@bumper, I sent the same link twice to bumper for upvote by mistake. Will that cause any serious problem? Thanks

Hey bumper I send you 0.500 but didn't back it cause I was not that you are close

Ty vm for all ur work! Success with bidbot too!

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Hey @bumper plz upvote comment me back I sent 10SBD I have no money I invest all money

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