Busy new-design & Multilanguage: Call for Translators!

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Few days ago we announced a 'Call for Private Beta testers'.
Many of you have joined the new version. We would like to thank everyone for all the good vibes and fantastic feedbacks we received! This is very constructive and invigorating.

We want to target users in emerging markets. For a very long time since its conception, the internet was dominated by English-speaking users. Today, the situation is radically different. We will see English becoming the language of a web minority, pushed away from its spot by Chinese, Indian, or even Spanish, Afrikaans and Arabic. China+India = more than 1 billion internet users in 2016.

Reveal spoiler

Top 20/source: http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users-by-country/

Serving a global audience is part of our growth strategy. It involves translation, localization and internationalization. We are now translating the Busy new version to have a real Multilingual platform.

Starting with English, we currently have 16 languages on Busy interface. Our priority is to target Asia (Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, etc.) but we want Busy to be translated in all languages.

Depending on the language setting of the accessing browser, users will be automatically redirected to the interface translated in their native language. They can also select a specific one in Settings.

Few Steemians helped us by contributing with their native language.

Czech@espoem and @viktor.phuket
Russian@testz and @irishabstainer
Turkish@moorkedi, @hightouch and @overmybrain

Thanks to every contributor! Chinese, Thai, Lao, and more, are in progress.

Call for volunteers + Bounty reward

This is a Call for volunteer Translators!
We are rewarding competent translators who want to contribute to this mission.

All contributors helping with a translation of Busy to their native languages will get 20 STEEM as bounty reward.
Earn Rewards.png

We use Crowdin

Crowdin is a localization project management platform and translation tool.
We are using it to help translators and proofreaders having a better user experience contributing to Busy translation.
It's also easy to integrate with Busy codebase on GitHub and to manage.

You need a crowdin account to participate.

Current status


How to participate

There are 3 pages

Russian translation is ready, please give me proofreader permissions in order to be able to approve translations.

быстро и четко :)

We set you as proofreader on Crowdin. Thank you for your contribution!

Ура! Сам как увидел, хотел поучаствовать, но круто, что уже всё готово :)

Whale Upvote from @dunsky

That great, internalization is a plus

very nice article @busy.org, shared about new design and multi language call for translators, nice updates and news about different native languages used in steemit, nice efforts, i support and appricate your efforts.

Nice chance to be the great translator app.
Very glad to hear this app
Hopefully can help
any stemian over the world.
Iam from Indonesia. I found the stemian from my country has dedicated for to be bahasa translater.
Can't be wait to try this beta app
Good luck for all of you.

Thank you very much for the voted.

I think I can help you with Ukrainian, my native language. I made the main part of Ukrainian translation for eSteem:-)

Simplified Chinese
for Chinese:如果有错误的,请大家一起帮忙改正,谢谢
To the moon!!!

Awesome! Thank you very much, i'm going to update the website in 10min. Can you get in contact with me in Steemit.chat or Discord for the reward?

Thank you for your contribution.
New busy.org is the best reward for me.
Thank you

Added hebrew.
הוספתי עברית.


Cheer Up! 와우! 정말 많은 사람들이 이 포스팅에 많이 투표했어요! 우리 앞으로도 힘내봐요!

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Nice, have you guys also checked phrases here http://translate.esteem.ws maybe some will be similar?! 😉

thanks a lot @fabien and my dear friends @hightouch , @overmybrain it'll be amazing interface for me :D like it ! ND @busy.org !

*PS Please Vote Turkish Lang .

great project busy! Always on when steemit is down!!!

i would love to see romanian translation ready ,my native language

I cross test the new busy.org using top 20 browser and I dont find any issue. Also a cross device, bit slow with mobile phone but still meet the benchmark. Overall no problem

Крутая тема!)

Good job @eastmael

Thanks @deveerei :) the Filipino translation still needs a reviewer.

Anything I can do to help?

Actually there is. If you go to the site, you'll see that Filipino is 0% approved.

So I think basically, each of the translation need to be voted. There are entries there that have multiple translations, the voter will choose which is the better translation to use.

Ohhhh - I thought progress is at 97%.

Actually, I saw it yesterday, there were several items added to the translation list that's why it went down to 97%. But now, all items have been translated and the translations just have to be voted on. :)

I'm voting translation now to help.

Thanks po. very much appreciate it to make the Filipino translation approved.

Walang anuman - it's like community service. :D It's for us Filipinos anyway.

Sir why you are busy?

is that a rhetorical question @badol1994? he have the right to answer anything since the steemit accept it.

Busy is basically Twitter, but decentralized correct... didn't Julian want something like this?

Busy is another interface to interact with the Steem blockchain.

Hey @fabien, in the portuguese language community here at Steemit we have a brazilian member who works as a professional translator. His name is @manandezo and I believe he can help you translate it into portuguese.

Thank you, that would be great!

Thank you so much for the mention @jsantana. I will try and follow the steps to get into the platform and begin translating into Portuguese (Fortunately, using Edge I could also access busy.org, what I could never do using Chrome).

You could likely offer a greater abundance in the event that you need quality interpretations... 20 is truly low.

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

I think eSteem app is also doing translations for many of these languages, wouldn't it be good if you can use their translations. It might save time and money.

This is great! It gives opportunity for people from various countries. Hopefully we see more languages added to the list of translation requirement! @busy.org

No Malayy??

sorry...just saw it after i klik the site..
may i know who translate Malay????

the translation by the translater was very funny..
i cant stop laughing...hahaha

Ho really? Isn't good? The translator for Malay is @incrediblesnow, feel free to improve it!

i didnt say its not good..i just say so funny cause its Malay/Indonesia and English mixed together ..
and i tought its been translated already

is there any rewards for proofreading? I am from Belgium (so thats Flemish/Dutch and French) and I live in Switzerland so that German as well and I see that those have not been voted yet (which i assume is done by proofreading?)

Hey, proofreader are very welcome but we don't have a reward program for this yet.

Before opening the site in a browser-setting language, please confirm this is what the user wants.
It's better than geolocating and deciding the language based on location, which actually sucks monkey balls. But it's still annoying when you're at someone else's pc, or an internet cafe and all off a sudden a site appears in a language you don't understand.

And why not add flags to easily change between languages, there's still room on the page for that?

You can select among different languages directly in the Settings page.

Browser language is a good solution, there is no perfect solution. And of course we don't use geolocation.
Adding flags for languages on the main page is not user friendly so we use autodetection + settings to allow more freedom without confirming that the users wants. It's is also more efficient in my opinion than asking everyone.

I don't think you will face a case where you don't speak Chinese, but your Chrome Browser is set to Chinese, so Busy.org will display in Chinese. Unless you're using Busy directly in China, on a internet cafe.

thanks for your input anyway, we re working on improvments on this

I don't think you will face a case where you don't speak Chinese, but your Chrome Browser is set to Chinese, so Busy.org will display in Chinese. Unless you're using Busy directly in China, on a internet cafe.

I disagree. I live near Benidorm, you should see all the English in Internet cafes, trying to print their boarding passes. These pc's are normally set so Spanish, you can see people struggle to find the basic information.
While I agree browser detection is a better solution than geolocation, I still feel that besides the detection, language flags are very user friendly. A lot more than going to settings to change the language. Especially since that setting is "hidden" in the menu, I just found it for the first time because of this post ;-)

i understand your point. Thanks for your input. The solution for this will probably have to allow user to easily switch language from the homepage instead of going into Settings.

Nice project! Keep it going

I can help with #Nepali if you have any option.

Awesome thank you! You can translate Busy for Nepali here: https://crowdin.com/translate/busy/13/en-nenp

Ok I'm In.

Wow I am. Extremely happy with this update 🙌

I'm gonna register soon

I like reading your post @busy.org, keep it up!

I can't login on busy ( v2) with my posting key why?

With SteemConnect2 you need to grant @busy.app permission to post on your behalf, so the app busy can post for you. This operation require at least your active key when you authorize the app then you can login with you memo key or posting key. You can revoke @busy.app anytime using this link http://v2.steemconnect.com/revoke/@busy.app
The active key is only used to make the operation in your browser then discarded, nothing stay or goes to the server.

very nice post

Hello sir.......

Now I decide to use it, seems that these guys complete much work on design while researchers busy working on tech and blockchain

good news, I wish you success always,

You could probably offer a bigger bounty if you want quality translations... 20 is pretty low.

depending on how many words we talk about.

Right now it's only 60-80 words.
It can be done very quick.

Ahh ok that is fair.

:)) for #tr aprox 10 12 min .

AMAZING article @busy.org, REALLY GREAT POST.

I enjoyed reading your post. There's a lot of good information

Woww..its so helping me.thanks for sharing

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Great idea. What about the real international language Esperanto?
Mi estas preta traduki por vi/ni.

Kiam vi volas. Are you in Discord or Steemit.chat?

Saluton, no I prefere to read and write.

You can translate Esperanto here: https://crowdin.com/translate/busy/13/en-eo

Just opened an account, but what shall I do than? Where can I find the text?

Please contact me by email my email is [email protected] or in our Discord server or Steemit.chat, my username is @fabien so i can give you access to the beta with the instructions.

it's really helpfu for us.

Great news.

@fabien I've applied for the translation into Slovenian language. Our community here is gathered behind @teamslovenia account.

Welcome :)

Thanks! You are doing a great job making a frontend in a way that it is supposed to be!

Nice article keep it going 👍

@fabien, I have PMd you on Discord.... get back to me if my help would be of any use! :)

This an awesome opportunity to do some good work on here,@fabian i would love to be part of this great movement which is busy.org..patiently expecting your reply authorising me.

I would like to help, but there is one from Venezuela: c
Happy day.

Just vote for Romanian :)

Me parece que la idea esta bien desarrollada es una oportunidad en los que muchos se ven beneficiados y por vuestra parte igual. Keep working guys.

There are 3 pages