Thanks for your recommendation my friend!

@steem-ua gives us new perspective and we’re onboard already:)

Yeah it's really cool. I'm glad I was able to turn you on to it makes me feel good. One day somehow I will get up there with a lot of steem power and do some good as you are. I wish I had some more Fiat to invest at these prices. I bought most of mine in the three or $4 range

I can certainly understand the feeling of buying STEEM at higher price and you shouldn’t be worried because STEEM is something you can mine and you mine steem by making contribution.

I’ve faith in you and you’ll get where you want to get with Steem :)

Happy Steeming!!

yea, I feel like it is ok that I bought high because I'm diligent in posting and helping others in the community. I noticed a delegation to me. Was that you?? It's pretty wonderful and I appreciate it so much!!!!!!!!!