I've delegated 25,000 SP to @steem-ua today because I want to be part of "Steem Movement"

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If you want to find out more about @steem-ua then please read the below post


I want my action to speak louder than words. So I don't want to write too much here..

Also I've delegated 11 more individual Steemians 777Sp each today as well. That's 33 individual Steemians in total up until now. Also DTube (10k), DLive (10K), Musing (10K) and Steepshot (5k) DApps got my SP delegation as well.

May be, you started to wonder what's happening to me, why I'm delegating my own SP... I guess you'll find out soon.. I'll give you one hint...


Good night my dear steemians!

Happy STEEMing :)


Hi @nathanmars, that's a great approach! And a great example. I am currently delegating some SP to minnowbooster and smartsteem... it's made me think about getting that back and spreading the votes on people that will actually hold the steem rewards they receive and power it up, rather than sell the rewards onto an exchange pushing the steem price lower.

Being a kid who was born in a village in the middle of a 3rd world country, I get where you're coming from. Steem on!


But smartsteem is a bidbot

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Hello @stellabelle

Yea, I wasn't too sure about delegating to it, but as most of my rewards are being wiped out by a certain whale, I needed someway to get some growth on my steem power.

I have undelegated the 1,000 SP from minnow booster, so I can use that to give a meaningful upvote to others.

I also wanted to experience what it was like delegating to a vote bot so I could discuss it from a more informed position.

Smart steem was the only one I could delegate to as I like the way @therealwolf works and his support for @steem-ua and @helpie.


I like the way it’s run as well and I think it’s the best one but as you may know there were no bidbots before and people actually voted....

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But it's very hard to put the cat back in the bag. Hopefully we will find some form of middle ground where those who are not active can use bid bots to earn passive income and support the platform with their investment. But it's then upto the bid bot owners to be responsible and ensure the votes don't create incentives for behaviour that damages the platform

Yeah I agree

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@smartsteem (not Smartsteem.com)

I do like the way you’re running this and the fact that you support UA is good too, I’m just not a huge fan of the bidbots even though I’ve considered delegating to smartsteem too

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If @partiko manages to get their trending page with bidbot promoted posts seperated, then people will need to engage more SP holders and get organic votes to get to trending. That would be a good outcome in my view

Thanks @kabir88

I appreciate your compliments!!

Happy Steeming 😊 And please let me know if I can assist you with something. My contact details are on my homepage

Thanks @nathanmars, that's a very generous offer. For now, just keep doing what you're doing. We need more great examples like you of people really investing in the future of the steem network

I hope you know what your doing. Thats alot of sp. If you are at UA for the ROI I would leave it. If you want to support the project and don't expect anything from them -> go for it.

As a big delegator your loosing about 80% of the ROI.

I never have any expectations from others and I only expect from GOOD from myself

Most people are focused on short term ROI and I'm focused on ROX (Return of Multiples)

Sorry I don't want to sound mean to you and I completely understand your point about supporting the project and yes I'm contributing to this project

Happy Steeming :)))

Yeah Return of Multiples is where it’s at

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Amazon has never paid a dividend. So the ROI types stayed away. But for those that saw the vision and bought at $1.49, they are now sitting on 1000x return.

Awesome choice @nathanmars. I first found out about steem-ua from Asher (abh12345) and after reading about them, I like that they are taking action re the broken rep system on here.

You seem to be making some big decisions. It is good to see more individuals with big SP stake supporting others. I removed my support to a witness the other day because he decided to delegate 98% of his SP to a bot. It's fine and all what people do with their investment, but if a witness doesn't support the community, then who will?

Here you are, a user on here and you are supporting the community.

I heard lots of good things about @abh12345!

You’re absolutely right rep system is broken! Every system need to improve and @steem-ua is an improvement.

Let’s not judge others and let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

The more value you add to others more richer we get and most people just focusing on short term and they’ll probably regret in the long term.

Happy Steeming:)

Asher is definitely a Steemian to admire!

Let’s not judge others and let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Absolutely agree. Everyone should do what they choose with their SP, but we are also entitled to show support to the witnesses that give that extra effort to help others. I've seen many individuals doing just that and admire the actions they take.

Happy Steeming to you too! :)

Thank you 🙏

Have a wonderful day:)

You are very great. I want to delegate 50 more SP to steem-ua. Could you support me with by delegating 50 SP to me. I know this is a shameless request but I believe you are a generous steemian.

I like your approach and my answer is..

Nice to meet you for the first time here and Today, My answer is no..

Happy Steeming :)

Ok. Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome 😊

He is pointing out why I am asking for help from a steemian I don't even know or just meet today. This is a good point.

If you love what you do, working hard is a pleasure.

nice saying.

Hello @nathanmars !!! Waoooo is awesome to see how someone can make these delegations, of course you are revolutionizing steemit, I know you will be rewarded for these actions every day you make your great heart known. Always helping others grow in this community. Greetings and blessings!!

Thank you so much for your kind compliments! I very much appreciated it !

Happy Steeming:)

Wow, friend

I was surprised with the delegation you gave me. Really, thank you very much.

It fills me with joy and impels me to do a better job for the Steem family.

God bless you, my friend

I know you’re a good Steemian:)

Big Hug 🤗

Hey hello Nathan. After all this time I notice only now you are also on Steem. Do you remember the English lessons you gave me at London ? how are you doing since then ?

Speaking of delegation, I myself found it important for the development of Steem to support new plateforms like @steemhunt, @actifit, @cleanplanet, @air-clinic ...and many others

Hey my friend @michelios! How can I forget my English Conversation class members ?? But I’m looking through your Steemit profile and I’ve not seeing who you’re..

Can you please tell me ? Thanks 🙏

I could just tell you I am michel (wich you can probably guess from my pseudo lol ) but I am sending you a message on Facebook so it will be clearer.

Now I can remember you after Facebook! We live in a small world. lol

I’m currently living in Japan 🇯🇵! How about you ?

Happy to hear that ! This year I had the opportunity to travel a bit as well, in france, spain and marocco. And obviously continuing to invest in cryptocurrencies and in myself.

indeed we live in a small world

I’m still very happy to see you here :)

Hope to see you at SteemFest3 if you’re coming !

That is massive. Maximum respect

Thank you so much 😊

@steem-ua holds the potential for reforming the trending page. I'm hopeful that it will make a difference in the way that posts are ranked that can be fed into platforms like Steempeak. I could only delegate a tiniest fraction of what you did, but every little bit counts!

Yes our Trending page must be reformed and I need to look into SteemPeak more.

Absolutely every little helps goes long way!

You are doing a great job man hat's off

I have also delegated some sp to steem-ua, I am with you in this movement sir.

Let’s make our steem community great :)

It's really marvelling, your SP has really been spread to so many amazing dapps, personalities and individuals as well. Thank you so much and I'll guess I'll find out soon

Your project deserve it! Keep up the good work my friend:)

I'm glad to hear that there are Steemians delegating generously to other individual accounts!

Great delegation to @steem-ua! I delegated some SP to them yesterday too!

Thanks for your compliments my friend!

Glad to see you’re part of @steem-ua movement:)

Happy Steeming:)

We know you have a plan,
You have a target.
yes, we are waiting for the hint.

That's an astounding ammount of SP to delegate to such a new project.

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Whether it’s new or old project, the intentions are matter.

@steem-ua give our community new prospective!

Thank you for sharing this @nathanmars I hadn't heard of @steem-ua but I'll think about delegating some Steem Power once I have enough.

Have a good day ✌

I’m glad that you know now :)

Happy Steeming my friend!!

Impressive! And thank you!

Thanks 🙏 my friend

i love this entire project. can’t figure it out tho cause my UA sucks lol but gonna work hard to build it up. i still love the rep system on steemit and i know it’s not perfect but combining with UA will give you a great metric to look into engagement and influence on the blockchain.

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Me either I can’t figure out why my UA sucks but it definitely give me great motivation to prove!

Same here I still love rep system but UA will be better than ReP for sure in so many ways

right??? lol me too man. i see that and get motivated to improve my UA score lol love it.

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I'm stunned by the way you're massively delegating your SP
I believe you have great plans for the future. Keep up the good job @nathanmars :)

Thanks my friend!

Yes I always have great plans for my fellow Steemians :)

Keep on Steeming!!!

Wow this is awesome. I delegated Also 90% of my power before it was public announced

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Excellent job my friend and I’m happy to be part of this project:)

oh good, I'm glad you checked it out. I'm enjoying @steem-ua so far and I really thing there is a good value there for me and how much I was able to delegate.

Thanks for your recommendation my friend!

@steem-ua gives us new perspective and we’re onboard already:)

Yeah it's really cool. I'm glad I was able to turn you on to it makes me feel good. One day somehow I will get up there with a lot of steem power and do some good as you are. I wish I had some more Fiat to invest at these prices. I bought most of mine in the three or $4 range

I can certainly understand the feeling of buying STEEM at higher price and you shouldn’t be worried because STEEM is something you can mine and you mine steem by making contribution.

I’ve faith in you and you’ll get where you want to get with Steem :)

Happy Steeming!!

yea, I feel like it is ok that I bought high because I'm diligent in posting and helping others in the community. I noticed a delegation to me. Was that you?? It's pretty wonderful and I appreciate it so much!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you can help the hispanic artistic community delegating something to @stellae.

Hope that these "May be, you started to wonder what's happening to me" isn't a bad thing. Thanks for help some projects ♥

Excellent move Nathan. as you said your acts speak louder than words. I also want to thank you for being one of those you trusted your stake with a delegation. Grateful my friend.

PS Might wanna check your Telegram!

Thank you Dimitris !

It’s good that you mention that here on Steemit that you send me a Telegram otherwise I wouldn’t have checked it !

Happy Steeming:)

One of the first things I supported with the inspiration of the delegation was the https://steemit.com/en/@steem-1up/0xxjea70g initiative that @flauwy is involved in.

So nice to spread more votes out to the folks I like to support as well.

Thanks again!

I'm happy to hear my friend !

I'll resteem the post and I'll be making my own contribution.

Happy Steeming :)

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