Steembet scam report: second edition! A false report once again!

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I was waiting on this day, I was curious to see if @steem-bet again had the nerves to report false playing numbers on their weekly report! Last week I did start with the counter post iniative, trying to warn people to stay away from this platform. Hoping that @steem-bet will start paying out the divs, or at least stop with reporting false playing numbers!

So here we go!

The good!

Well there is something positive to write about their last weekly report. In all the previous weekly report they were giving the SBT holders false hope that the payout of the dividends is near. Each week they did report that a bug was discovered and that sooner than later the divs will be paid out on a daily basis!
To my surprise this information is not anymore available in this post!
This gives me hope that my counter post is having a small amount of impact!

The bad!

From their weekly report posted this morning:

While they did decrease the number compared to last post, I do think that it is still way to high! Let's find out!
So they do claim that 7362 rounds were played and that in total 6971.223 STEEM and 102.61 SBD was wagered!

Again we will be using steemworld to dig up the actual numbers!


The results of this query are way off. According to steem-bet in total 10.346 steem and 8.277 SBD was wagered, spread over 32 bets. But hey I can be wrong, so I decided to also include the 17the of June in the query!
Yep, that extra day made a difference, the wagered steem went up to 11.946 STEEM.
So @steem-bet, could you please give some information how you do think that some much steem was wagered?

But wait a minute, let's have a look at the pay-outs. I do believe some pay-outs will be missing!
This is getting pretty strange. Only on the 20th of June bets were paid out for in total 0.658 STEEM and 4.000 SBD!
@steem-bet what is the explanation for this? Again problems with the blockchain which is working for so many other gambling dapps without a problem?

A warning to the following players:
@cgbartow, @sunit, @molikhatun, @shogo, @yuriitonkov, @lucasmj, @originalmrspice, @aro.steem, @rainbot
I will not tell you that you can or may not play on @steem-bet. But be warned that for the moment @steem-bet does look more like a scam than a legit gambling dapp. There are much better gambling dapps available on the steem blockchain! So please be warned!

Let's do a little test!

Here I do need you help. I would like to ask you all to re-steem this post!
There are 2 reasons for this!

  1. I really do want to warn a much as people as possible! I do feel that it is utmost important, that people should know the risks before gambling their hard earned steem on steembet!
  2. They do claim in there post that depening on the number of resteems, the author will be rewarded with a specific amount of SBT. I really would like to see that this post is resteemed at least 10 times. In that case they will be forced to send my 10000 SBT, which we all know is worthless. But I do want to challenge them week by week!

So please re-steem to warn as much as people!

@steem-bet feel free to respond on this post! I am giving you a platform to defend yourself!


Sorry, I am going to include a number of people in the list, whom I hope that will resteem this post because I know that they have a lot of active followers! We can't stop them but we can try to warn as much people as possible.
No need to upvote the post, feel even free to downvote it if you do feel that my request is inappropiate!

@preparedwombat, @acidyo, @hitmeasap, @tarazkp, @abh12345, @jaynie, @sbcbot, @anomadsoul, @ats-david, @barbadosso, @bengy, @blanchy, @blockbrothers, @bozz, @broncnutz, @bro-rando, @chekohler, @crypticat, @fairbet, @detlev, @donald.porter, @dragosroua, @epicdice, @ervin-lemark, @esteem-app, @glastar, @good-karma, @helpie, @kryptogames, @maarnio, @manoldonchev, @master-set, @meno, @nanzo-scoop, @newageinv, @niallon11, @numpypython, @oendertuerk, @patrickulrich, @phortun, @senstless, @simplymike, @soyrosa, @sportfrei, @steemflow, @themanwithnoname, @themarkymark, @timcliff, @toofasteddie, @wales, @uwelang, @whatsup, @surpassinggoogle, @thegoliath, @jassennessaj, @xyzashu, @mehta, @gentlemanoi, @awesomegames007, @aggroed


Resteemed. What is your opinion on More of the same?

Well it is hard to give you an accurate opinion.
But for the moment they seem legit.
The pay their divs daily if a profit was made.
But MD also looked legit!

Resteem and support your efforts!

With the exit scam of magicdice, one has to be extra cautious now.
Although I do not gamble but this is nice piece of information.
Thank you!

Your welcome. Just trying to warn and inform people!

Thanks for very useful information .

Quite a lot of these games are turning into scams

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The problem is that it is hard to make a distinction between the legit ones and the scam. I truly believe that there are some legit among them!

All the devs who are hiding they identity are scam for me. Or they are criminals.

If they are legit they should show themself and be proud of they product. If the law dont alow them to make and run this app in they country than they broke the law so they are criminals.

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Looks like most of these gambling games on steem are turning out to either be scamming the entire time or planning to exit scam, its actually quite sad

It really is. This also hurts of course the reputation of the one that look legit!

Yeah i agree it is a scam i tried one hit yesterday an nothing happened (no result, win or loose) they steal my steem

I am glad that you did stop after one bet! I am just trying to warn people about the risks playing there!

I was already part of the @magicdice and its exit scam, ending up net-losing dozens of STEEM because of it. Don't gamble your STEEM, kids.

It is really had to judge if a gambling dapp is legit or not! We all had the idea that MD was legit!

It helps if the developer is a known character and has "skin in the game" so to speak, like @aggroed. If I knew it was @zombee behind magicdice (the same guy who did some questionable things with dmania), I would've stayed away from it. Lesson learned: learn what you are investing in, including the people behind it.

That is indeed a good indication! It is easy for people who are already established on the Steem blockchain, but it makes it hard when somebody new pops up!

I am happy that I lose 0 on those sites!

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Probably the smartest decision. But I do think that most dapps are legit and up to a point really fair with the dice rolls for instance! But yes, I will stay away from most of them also!

Thank for your information.

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No thank you for the scam.

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Resteem done😉

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Thanks! Appreciate it!

Even i know i will never see my SBT token investment but i dont care. Thanks Lord i didnt played much on steembet since from start i felt something is wrong with them.

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I'm suprised they're still at it. What a lousy scam. I'm sorry for everyone who invested. We should have never trusted them after they changed their tokens from the get go.

On another note, where's blackjack 😸

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Don't forget roulette, which was their first idea!
The damage has been done, now I just try to prevent other from making the same mistake!
At least this will cost them some SBT, because it has been resteemed already 11 times. Not that this will have some value!
The good thing is that they are already shutting up about the divs.

They seem not to be caring at all anymore. Thanks for the effort @fullcoverbetting

They even did upvote this post 100%. Really makes me wonder!
Still I will keep on writing these reports!
If I can save a steem of another player, I do consider these posts a success!

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Hope this one is not another magic-dice

To be honest it is much worse! Or it feels worse!
MD never stole ante and always did pay the divs!