Colorchallenge Sunday: Purple

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Dear steemians, This is my seventh post of color challenge. #colorchallenge was initiated by @kalemandra. Color challenge provide you an opportunity to write post on every day. If you want to join this color challenge just post photograph as follow
Sunday: Purple
Monday: Red
Tuesday: Orange
Wednesday: Yellow
Thursday: Green
Friday: Skyblue
Saturday: Indigo
Let's come to the today's post. Dear steemians, Health is wealth. Hair loss/hair fall problems are very common in these days. The problem exists due to pollution, anxiety, scalp, deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Thankfully due to advancement of technology various hair treatments and shampoos are available in market. L'OREAL is also making great Pro fiber shampoo which are very beneficial for hairs health.
Purple Color Bottle of My Shampoo

Pro Fiber Shampoo not only reduce hair falls but also provide strength to hair.

L'OREAL is also manufacturing other great shampoos for hair treatment. if you think that your shampoo is not working well for you may visit their website. you can easily select shampoo according to your hair type
Here is the other view of Bottle

Personally i found this shampoo really amazing. The price of shampoo is 15 GBP. Pretty costly for me but it is still cheap when I see the health of my hair. This is my post for today's color challenge. Hopefully you may consider it if you have hair problems.
PS Let me share it with you I am not the dealer or market manager of L'OREAL so do what ever you like. I shared only my experience.
Have a nice time