What is addiction?

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When talking in general sense, anything that has some negative impact on us or people around us, we term it as addiction. However addiction can be good as well as bad. As, our body is addicted for tasteful (and not necessarily healthy) food, an addiction to always win,
an addiction to always get praised by others even for the smallest things you did, intentionally or unintentionally, for someone.
an addiction to see things in a way to keep your concerns and purpose at prime importance.
an addiction of not to take the necessary steps that we know is crucial for our upcoming life.
An addiction to feel sleepy and lethargic whole day.
An addiction to do that same thing again and again that you decided last time, never to repeat again.

Its really a weird condition when you want to overcome your addiction and you try various ways to do so. Overcoming an addiction is more or less like a rocket trying to escape the earth's atmosphere, now imagine this condition when a rocket is trying to escape earth's atmosphere but
the rocket is using a low quality fuel / less fuel than this process requires /
have just right amount of fuel to propel itself but overburnt its fuel at inital stages of escape attempt /
having everything perfect however rocket is being propelled in wrong direction.

All these attempts will lead to failure and the rocket won't go far and will return back to earth, it not only return back to earth but most of time it tend to get detriorated and even get completely burn away.

In similar way when someone tries to get out of its addiction and doesn't succeed then the addiction pulls him back even harder, hence the safest way and first step to get out of any addiction is to first convince/discuss with your body and mind, if you really want to leave it, if answer comes out to be yes then prepare yourself to start with small steps. As if you are addicted with overeating you first need to convince your body and mind to decrease your lunch with an amount which you think is practically negligible for you, for instance, if you used to ate 6 chapaties/bread, convince yourself to eat say 5 and 1/2 or 1/2 chapati less. If that is also a huge cut for you, you can start with cutting 1/4 chapati from your meal. Follow same amount for about 1 week then procced to cutdown 1/4th more from your meal and in this way you can very smoothly switch to low diet, ofcourse it will take time but in long tERM its worth doing.
In same way you can overcome almost any addiction of yours, you must have heard "slow and steady wins the race"

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