Addiction - Gambling.

in #busy6 years ago

I play ... little by little, until my head on my shoulders can not hold it.
We have fallen into the gambling of gambling and it is like a disease that you get very hard off.
I advise all of you never to try these gambling games that I have come to spend my last money there.

For about a month and a half I have run to play, enough to numb myself and the damage to somewhat recoverable, after which I play. To escape the pressure, the state the game gives me and then my lack of it, the consequences of the game, the dramas around me, the bad, the good of me.

And, at 6am, when I go to the empty house, miles out of my position - which Google Maps would have shown me if I had not pawned the phone again - with an empty stomach, no cigarettes when no one he thinks of me when nobody judges me or congratulates me when the city sleeps while I with my thoughts I left this world long ago, I have peace. The mental pressure disappears, the weight which, until recently, did not let me sublimate. Yeah, I'm hungry and I find out that I did not buy food before I played, because "I did not expect" but it's okay, that's what I can do. There would have been a few taxi lions, but walking is not alien to me, no player is. I'm quiet, now I can finally close my eyes.

I wake up, look to the left, look right - nothing. It disappeared. The hunger is present, the nicotine withdrawal is also in the post, my legs seem louder, only she is missing. He sneaked in the middle of the morning and went to another. And that made me wrong, and that left me with debt and a lot of new problems on my head.

It was not to be, it was not for me. When I find my peace of mind I will recognize it.


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