Day 3 of 7: one funny thing, three happy things for one week

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Come read what one funny thing and three happy things I have to write every day for one week!

One funny thing:

One of the interns in my department was using the Bloomberg terminal and there was a person with a huge beard on her screen. I joked "oh, so you're into guys with epic beards?" She was a bit startled and immediately said no no no and started explaining that she was just looking for reports and wasn't checking the guy out. Her reaction so exaggerated that it was quite funny.

Three happy things:

  1. Took care of a transaction that's been pending for 2 months! Grateful that there were no curve ball complications.
  2. Managed to fight the urge to have breakfast at my favorite local cafe that I pass by from work every day. Ended up just ordering a coffee to go. This was forward-looking because I ended up having a huge dinner...
  3. My wife cooked me a superb Japanese style lamb curry. After having most of the meat and the vegetables, we put in some udon. It was very delicious!

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