Important Update - C-Squared Discontinuing Curation Efforts

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C-Squared was started in May of 2018 as an attempt to help close the gap a group of curators were seeing in their daily manual curation efforts. The goal was crowd sourcing community curation and giving everyone a place to bring content for it to receive support. Because after all, we are all curators here... we just needed a place to come together.

We are very proud of what we as a community were able to accomplished (voting over 8,000 unique authors and casting over 60,000 manual votes through our time here) and thankful for all the help and support we have received. From the many community curators who have helped in the server, bringing in the posts they love. To the admins and voter roles, reviewing/voting posts. And of course those who supported the effort through witness votes. We really appreciate you all more than we can say.

When we made the switch from Steem to Hive we (the founders - Carlgnash, Markangeltrueman and JustineH) had a long discussion about if the efforts were still needed on Hive and what our plans were. We decided to keep it going at that time and have been proud to be be apart of the Hive family. It has always been a bit of a labor of love, as running the curation effort takes quite some time and is done by only a few (as many who do manual curation would understand). We have enjoyed seeing so many other curation and community efforts step forward and feel that that gap we were trying to fill is now being accomplished by many. Which is the goal in a decentralized community, and wonderful to see.

Due to this, as well as some unforeseen life aspects of the founders, we have decided to retire the @C-Squared/ @C-Cubed accounts and discontinue the curation efforts, as well as discord server, on 7/30/20. This also includes the @C-Squared witness - which will be shut down on 8/1/20.

Please be sure to remove your witness votes from the @C-Squared account, or any delegation/vote follow you have assigned to it (or @C-cubed) at this time. Also please consider using those to support some of the other great curation efforts on Hive instead.

We are happy to see the community growing and thriving and thank you again for all the love and support. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Thank you,

The C-Squared Team


Just want to tag those currently delegating in case they don't see the post. Thank you so much for your support of C-Squared and manual curation. Please remove delegation as curation will stop 7/30/20.

@lordbutterfly, @llfarms, @buttcoins,, @artemislives, @blewitt, @tristancarax, @preparedwombat, @stortebeker, @edouard, @richardfyates, @edb, @hellene8, @esthersanchez, @jerrytsuseer, @lordless.exile, @paradigmprospect, @wesphilbin, and @chagerbe

Thanks for the tag... and for everything you've done for the Blockchain. Nothing but love and positive energy your way ✌🤘

Thanks for tagging (I missed it anyway!!!). Sorry to see you go. Good luck for the future.

Thanks for the efforts you've put in! I've received several votes from you and appreciated every one. I think it's been great that a lot more manual curation projects and manual curators not affiliated with any official projects (like myself, just doing my own fun thing with curation) have started up! I think it has indeed filled a pretty good void that was there. There are thankfully not really any more bid bots or other annoying components that were around back when this started so I think this is a good step in the right direction. It will give your team more time to dedicate to your own efforts!

I will remove my vote from the witness and apply it to another deserving witness trying to get noticed.

Thank you for the kind words and the support! Manual curation is alive and well on Hive and we are glad we got to be apart of it for awhile <3

@c-squared was role-model for ACTUAL curation, sad to see it go.

Your support has been amazing, thank you so much <3

Thabks for the great work and helping content creators.

I got only one question. What are u going to do with your HP?

Thank you and appreciate your support.

As far as HP, we don't know yet. C-squared has never operated as a for profit and many times the founders paid expenses (witness server costs) out of their own pocket, so the actual account balance was not something that had been even considered. We will have to discuss and come up with a plan. Currently I am not sure what that is. Sorry I dont have a more clear answer on that.

No problem rly. I was always wondering where HP goes when some big community or project ends its activity.

Thanks again for everything. I appreciate manual curation more than anything here.


That is incredibly sad news. I always felt like this community found a lot of the authors and posts that a lot of the other, often larger communities missed.

However I wish everyone concerned an awesome future, filled with fun, friends and fulfillment. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the time, dedication and love that went in to this long running initiative. The extra visibility, rewards and attention you brought to many who were accustomed to slipping under the radar has always been hugely appreciated.

May the future be incredibly bright :D

Thank you <3

Sad to see the end, hope all is okay in real life. Your support of smaller curation efforts has been appreciated!

Thank you for the support and for your amazing efforts curating the classical music community here. Your work is appreciated <3

While it's definitely sad to see this discontinued, it's completely understandable. I very much appreciate your efforts over the past few years!

From this... this... now...

It was nice to have you around and it's sad to see you stopping.
But real life must always be first.

So I thank you for all the support you gave to the community and the efforts invested in the project.

CU around and


Sad to see your services being shut down.
You were one of my most trusted votes trail. I will definitely miss you.

Thank you for all you did.
Wishing all the best to the team in their personal life.

Thank you for all your support over the years, we really appreciate it <3

I know :( but all good things must come to an end sometimes.

thank you for have supporting our project in these two years...
I didn't expect such tragic news...

Thank you for your support and help over the years. I was very proud to be part of such a great project.

I wish you all the best for your continued success. 🌼🌼🌼

It's really sad that you guys are leaving. I wish you success in everything you undertake from now on. Thank you for your support and good luck!👋

Thank you for all the work that we made in 2018 and for keep hustling this year, you all be remembered as a great place to share love and have fun looking for awesome content 🙌🏻

This is very sad and unfortunate news for those of us who live our daily lives on this platform. You have always provided a very good support. Thank you and good luck!

Well this sucks but life happens I guess. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours

This makes me really sad, but I'm also glad to have been part of this project of such impact and support to the different communities of our platform and the first one to provide a direct support to the curation projects.

Thank you!

Thank you for all your hardwork contributing to the C-Squared project as well as the work you do elsewhere. It was a pleasure to have you among us!

An excellent project, thank you for your efforts :)

Thanks for being an early and consistent supporter Asher! We really appreciate you <3

I will truly miss C-squared! I have been a beneficiary to their curation and they are wonderful role models. Thank you. Very much.

I wish everyone on the staff good luck in the future, and, understand time constraints and life getting in the way. I also hope all is well with everyone. xo

Thank you, truly.


Thank you for all you have done in helping the smaller accounts get a leg up. I know there were several times you provided a boost to some of my post, and they were all very much appreciated by me.

i hope the Life issue are not to excessively sever, and I hope in the end it is all good news.

I am so sorry to hear this ... the support you have given so many of us was invaluable ... @c-squared found my work when no one else was looking for it ... and @carlgnash, you personally helped me get a good start.

Change is inevitable, and we realize that ... I pray that all is or will soon be well with all of you, and that your next ventures will be as bright for you as you made the lives for many on Steem and Hive. @c-squared got a lot of us through, day by day in the early days of our time here ... you will be missed, with love.

Thank%20you%20snail.png for all what you have done here ! 😘

Thanks for all the fish ;)
(And all the awesome work you’ve done for the community here)
You have been very much appreciated. I wish you all the best :)

It's a little sad to see a community that is a friend of art leave.
But the only thing left to do is to thank you for the wonderful work you've done over the years, and I personally thank you from the heart for your support of my art :'D

I haven’t fully started Hiving yet but when I saw this announcement on discord I had to stop in and say a few words.

This curation project really made individuals and communities feel valued and work appreciated. It makes a huge difference when you know there is someone working overtime to acknowledge your efforts.

I personally along with the @NeedleWorkMonday Community are very grateful for all of your support and efforts over the last two years. Thank you for making us all feel invaluable on this platform.

My best to all the team :)

Cynthia ~

Sad news indeed, but thank you so much for all you have done for all of us! ❤️

Thank you so much for your support over the years. You really helped me feel valued and supported on Steem and Hive. Thanks!!!

You are such a great content creator and we all have really enjoyed you sharing it with us. Thank you for the kind words and we are happy to have been apart of your journey!

Thank you so much for your generous volunteer work and generosity! Every corner of the blockchain has been blessed by it.

It's really sad seeing good influencers go but everything has an end. It's understandable guys, thanks and it's a pleasure to receive support from you. Hope all is well and God bless.

So long, and thanks for al of the fish.

Sad news indeed :(
I was happy to be part of such a great project. Thank you very much for your support.
Good luck to you 💐

Thank you team, for all the work and good luck with the news projects on the horizon or should i say hirizon?

Thanks for everything you have done. I have always had great respect for you all - best of luck in your real.lives x

This was an amazing community. Glad I got to curate once in a while in it for gaming. You will be missed.

over 60,000 manual votes

I wish you guys all the best.

Our community will welcome back whenever you guys are ready to come back