It's Blue! Da ba de da ba di

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A before photo

Some of you might remember a post I made in May where a few friends and I moved a shed from the town of Igloolik, some 10 kilometers across the sea ice to our cabin. The plan was to move it up to the back of the cabin later in the year once the snow melted, which we did with the help of my father through July once the snow was FINALLY clear. (If you have forgotten, I live up in the arctic circle.😉) After that came a bunch of prep work and scrambling to find house wrap in this small arctic village, but we scraped together enough to get the siding started.

The after shot

The siding itself was actually really easy to attain. It is excess material from the construction of the GN building which was sold to someone, who then sold it to my friend, who then sold it to us. It had been sitting unused, but well tarped, for close to a decade, so it was high time somebody got some use out of it. My friend lent me his front end loader to move the siding out here which was quite the sketchy run, but saved us so much time and effort compared to moving it with our quad and a wagon!


Late August in the arctic can be quite the chilly time once the wind gets blowing off the frigid ocean water, but on a calm day the temperatures can still get high enough to cause you to sweat while working outdoors. This is my ideal temperature zone for a summer day, 13-16 degree daytime highs are perfect! Yes, in just a short month we will be back on snowmobiles cursing the negative temperatures, but for now it's time to soak up some of that sun and watch the Ring Seals bob in the water, hoping for a pod of Belugas, Narwhals or Bowhead Whales to come swimming by.


The siding went on smooth. My friend also had some cream colored boards to use as the trim which worked well, and I actually prefer to the white color that would normally go up there. It was mildly tricky to work on the double angles at the back of the cabin, as well as the chimney, but my friend is an experienced carpenter, so the only cuts we messed up were ones he let us do ourselves. 😂


Thanks for taking a look at our cabin on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, I hope you enjoyed the series of posts. I'll share more photos from the cabin as other smaller projects get completed as we head into the winter. It's coming.


This is my ideal temperature zone for a summer day, 13-16 degree daytime highs are perfect!

That's my ideal temperature for a summer day too. Unfortunately mine is more likely to reach 38. XD

That's a nice little cabin. I like the shade of blue! I also now have a certain song stuck in my head. Thanks. 🤣


Out of nowhere, the 2nd verse popped into my head...

Blue his house
With a blue little window...

And I couldn't resist titling it that! Sorry/Not sorry!

I seriously think hopping off a plane into the 38 degree Australian Sauna might just kill me 😅

Wow, I would love to visit the Artic Circle, but I certainly couldn't do it unless it was the absolute peak of summer!

I like my perfect temperatures to be 30-40 celcius thanks!

Great job on the cabin too. It's looks nice and snug and I'm loving the blue colour too.

I look forward to reading more of your posts and learning what its like to live up there through the eyes of a real local.

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