Camping Club Hive- GIF Contest Result

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Hi Guys! Merhaba Millet! Hallo Leute!

Today we are announcing the results of a competition. We held a competition and unfortunately the turnout was low. As the Camping Club Hive community, we wanted to bring GIFs about camping to the Hive ecosystem. 2 people participated in the competition.

Bugün bir yarışma sonuç duyurusu yapıyoruz. Bir yarışma düzenledik ve katılım maalesef düşük oldu. Camping Club Hive topluluğu olarak Hive ekosistemine kamp ile ilgili GIF'ler kazandırmak istiyorduk. Yarışmaya 2 kişi katıldı.

@jishan5 Canva Desing

@turkcayii Canva Desing


Authorized by @campingclub

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With that in mind, happy blogging ❤️


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