Tis the Season for Some Nice Looking Fruit

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If you've followed my blog for long enough, you might have seen me posting about apples, plums, pluots, and a variety of different fruits. So here we are at the beginning of a new fruit season here in the Northern Hemisphere. The cherries are ready to eat, but the apples are not quite there yet.

First, here is a funny story, so you'll know why I tagged this post "candy". A number of curators have posting access to my account. Generally, they just use it for curating good posts. But once in awhile, accidentally someone re-steems or even posts something, not knowing that the wrong window is open in this browser. So today, a friend messaged me and said that she had accidentally posted something here, not realizing it was not her account. I asked her to delete it, which she did, but she was not able to eliminate the post's tag.

And so, she asked me, could I post something quickly to match the tag line "candy"?

Could I ever! It happened that I had been working on a post about cherries and apples. I'm not much of a photographer, but once in awhile, I take a break from the 900-word thesis posts and include some snapshots instead. Here are a few to get you in a fruity mood. As you can see, it's time to harvest, wash, and pit some cherries. But the apples will not be ready here for a few months yet.







Images by the author, who wishes he had these trees in his own backyard!


@donkeypong, You definitely saved the day sir. She would be grateful you came up with this. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of cherry we have here in Nigeria. I would love to have a taste of this and most of the malls never have this type, either.

I love fruits and in fact, any kind of fruits for that matter, as long as it is nourishing and helping.

I want to use this medium to also thank and appreciate you for your kind gesture. It means a lot to me and your act of kindness is adorable. Your influence spreads like fragrance. You have helped me in many ways than I could explain. Thank you, sir (I have never had the chance to do that in a long while). Apologies sir.

Thank you for your comment and for all your work writing posts from the community account. Much appreciated.

It is such an honour, sir. I really appreciate the opportunity.

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Looks like a ton of fruit! You run a farm or just going for self sufficiency?

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It's not mine, unfortunately! These are from some nearby yards and orchards. I sure wish I had a backyard covered in trees.

Gotcha! As a kid we use to always have a garden and it’s definitely nice to get stuff fresh off the tree or out of the ground. I’m guessing you still get that experience at least 😊

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That's quite a story...and yes the fruit looks ripe and a healthy candy. Thanks @donkeypong for the treat.

Cherries as sweet as candy. Yum!

@donkeypong, firstly I want to say that, you've taken perfect photography of cherries and apply trees. Wow... You can eat fresh fruits soon and happy to hear new fruit season starting Hemisphere. Cherry harvest nice to look and make passion to eat with nice coloring. How many weeks want to be wait for apple harvest? I believe you were given best answer to your friend about blogging.

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The apples here should be ready between about August and November, depending on the variety and the weather.

Yummy cherries I could eat them all day long because they are Chrries @donkeypong.
It is always good to have some fruiting trees in our own backyard. When I was still young we have this Guava tree, it has a fruit all year round, a natural supply of Vitamin C year-round :D

Hallo @donkeypong, how are you doing? Apparently you are harvesting apples,
and cherries, friend. The apples look very ripe and red. It's really appetizing. I would love to eat apples directly from the tree. Enjoy the harvest, sir. Have a nice day.

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits. Living in Michigan, we have great abundance of them in the summer months. Your pictures are really good.

Yes, Michigan cherries are great!

How happy you are if some day you have large garden which full of fruit.
Your story and photos make me inspire to gardening. We live in equatorial area, so it will be different for the vegetation, especially fruit
Warm regard from Indonesia

These are tree full with apples. I heard not everyplace apples will be ble to grow on

In our country, berries are also being sown now. I think now is the time to get a large supply of vitamins and immunity, as well as a good mood. Thank you, the photos look so appetizing.

Cherries look so good, have u made juice of them?

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Mainly eaten raw, frozen, and put into some desserts.

Desserts, yea I put inside cake.

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There are few things better than a fresh sweet cherry! But right now we're in strawberry season, and this year they have been absolutely divine!

@donkeypong, That's really important tutorial to history & Geography field's followers. I remember I studied only few things about Mongol empire. But today I got big knowledge from your blog post. Mongol Empire's covered so longest area. I believe they had best communication and culture.

Ah, that was another recent post, not this one, but I'm glad you liked it.

@donkeypong, Then Cherries are ready to add natural flavour to Cakes. And specially it adds so much attraction to cake. Hope that you will going to have delicious time ahead. Stay blessed.

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Wow! excellent photos, Beautiful colors! Greetings from Venezuela!

I like fruits, especially apples. I followed each of your posts before, even though I didn't always comment. however, there are a number of posts that stick to my head, and it's not about fruits. one that I remember and I like, the post about old edition wine which is now very expensive. it surprised for me.

Checking on you. Greetings from Nigeria.