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RE: From seed to cannabinoid in 80 days flat - 200% Organic!

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I was looking at a commercial planting kit I found at a Home Hardware for $80 for growing Cannabis. Didn't bite as it provides too much a paper trail for someone to follow.
S3 would be a nice plant to grow, as I know a person dealing with cancer.


Understood. I really wish I could teleport you these 2 small Steem OGs. I don't have a lot of friends/contacts here in my new town yet, and certainly nobody that can take live plants at the moment. If I was still living in Vancouver this wouldn't be a problem, as I knew literally dozens of activists who could potentially house plants with a moment's notice. Now these little girls might have to go to waste, simply cuz there's not enough room here for them. And why is my garden size limited? Because prohibition forces me to keep it small and undetectable. In other words, this wouldn't be happening if "legalization" had actually ended cannabis prohibition in Canada!