From seed to cannabinoid in 80 days flat - 200% Organic!

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These young flowers - sporting trichomes of THC and other cannabinoids - were seeds in a bag only 80 days ago!

( a top bud of my Steem OG female named S3 )

200% Organic!

Did you know the cure for cancer only takes 3 months to grow, and nothing but soil, water, light, and air is required?

These plants aren't merely 100% organic. They've never been fertilized, sprayed, fed, treated, or touched by anything. Most growers 'flush' their plants (give them nothing but water for the final 2 weeks) to wash out some of the flavour of the fertilizers and other chemicals. The longer the flush, the better the taste and safety, but they'll never get as clean a bud as I do.

Are you aware growing top shelf cannabis can be done for little or no financial cost? The only thing I had to buy for this whole crop was a bag of worm castings (about $20).

Growers adding chemical "nutes", or using fungicide/pesticide products, are often stressing and burning their plants. It adds dozens of potential toxins to their finished product (which react in unpredictable ways with each other, and when heated). Even organic products like Neem can be dangerous when burned and inhaled! The best cannabis is 200% organic, and costs nothing but knowledge and effort!


Another shot of S3's flowers. Let's zoom in on this one:


Isn't she pretty? I love the thick white pistil-tentacles. We can zoom once more:


Trichomes glistening with cannabinoids! In a few weeks, these buds will be swelling - and smelling - in a big way!


No burnt tips, no deformities, no discoloration. Vibrant green and lush, every leaf in the garden! Nothing's missing, nothing's lacking. Absolutely zero need for smelly dark liquids in plastic jugs.

I've got 3 big MK Ultra plants showing their early flowers now, too:


About a week behind the Steem OG, but coming along well.


In 6 weeks, that whole top will be one big dank nug, if all goes well!

200% Organic Challenge

I challenge all cannabis growers reading this, and all growers on the Steem blockchain, to grow at least 1 plant using a "200% organic" strategy - nothing but air, light, organic soil, and plain water. No ferts, no fungicides, no insecticides, no soaks, no sprays, no top dressings, no pH, no calmag. A cannabis seed, water, dirt, and light - the way nature has done it for millions of years.

Can you do it? Oh, of course you can.... anyone can, if they make it their goal.

But will you? Come on, prove that you can do it! Just grow a single plant the way nature intended, I dare you. And if you need help with it, I'm here.




200% organic, is that your final answer? What about a fraction instead? 7/4ths organic hehehe

7/4ths doesn't have much of a ring to it, but it's funny :P
I got flashbacks, seeing that Steem OG flower in the thumbnail! Gonna be lots of sexy bud porn in the next month or two!

It's unlikely even a single person will accept the 200% organic challenge. People can't do things the hard way, even if they know they should. They always go for the easier way.
If somebody does accept the challenge, they probably won't actually prove they did it, they'll just say they did, maybe take a photo of the end product. But they won't follow a seed from start to finish with posts on the blockchain, like DRutter has done a few times now.

Well I would have to say doing it in living soil is actually the easier way. Just make your soil and add water, and light. This is what everyone is basically doing now. Don't know if you knew who Subcool is. But he helped spread the word about living soil withing the cannabis community. He passed away a few days ago, and i think lots of more people will here about living soil a lot more in the few weeks.

I was looking at a commercial planting kit I found at a Home Hardware for $80 for growing Cannabis. Didn't bite as it provides too much a paper trail for someone to follow.
S3 would be a nice plant to grow, as I know a person dealing with cancer.

Understood. I really wish I could teleport you these 2 small Steem OGs. I don't have a lot of friends/contacts here in my new town yet, and certainly nobody that can take live plants at the moment. If I was still living in Vancouver this wouldn't be a problem, as I knew literally dozens of activists who could potentially house plants with a moment's notice. Now these little girls might have to go to waste, simply cuz there's not enough room here for them. And why is my garden size limited? Because prohibition forces me to keep it small and undetectable. In other words, this wouldn't be happening if "legalization" had actually ended cannabis prohibition in Canada!

Seed 2 Soil

Next up, soil 2 oil!

What percent organic would you call it if even every piece of scrap that went into your compost was also organic?

Organic compost? Now we're up to 300%! And if the organic compost was made from scraps grown in organic compost themselves, we got 400%!

Due to Subcool passing, I am leaning towards to doing my new grow in his honor by using his super soil recipe, check it out

Im not sure if I will be able to follow it to a tee, but it will be close. Just make this, and water. No need to PH, no "flushing". Plug and play

Respect! Looks great to me, totally organic and natural soil mix.
That's one thing I DO believe in, upgrading the soil. But just wholesome stuff that nature already provides for plants in the soil.
I don't really do animal products (as a vegan) so I skip the "meals". Bat poop is fine but worm poop has 99.99% of everything you could ever want, so if you don't add guano it'll be just as good. One thing maybe to consider is a little ash or charcoal, depending on your other ingredients and what strain you're growing.
I recommend about 2 cups of powdered diatomaceous earth, as well. This cuts down on almost anything creepy or crawly in the soil. I like soil alive with mycorrhiza and bacteria, not mites and bugs.
But yeah, that soil looks basically like what I've been using, with a few "secret ingredients" in small quantities. I don't think I've even heard of azomite, interesting, thanks for the info :)
Sorry to hear about subcool although I didn't know him, RIP.

I was actually talking to a vegan, ane he said the bone meal can be found in nature from an animal that died of natrual means. Ofcourse i highly doubt bonemeal on the market is, but if one did collect their own that would be considerd vegan. What do you beleive?

For me, I don't want to contribute to any suffering, so I don't use animal blood/bones even though they are found in nature. The stuff you can buy is generally from factory farming operations, or something just about as bad. The more I buy, the more they'll create. I don't want to be part of the demand/supply equation for animal parts, even to any small degree. But I agree, animal blood and bones are healthy for plants, and can definitely be found in nature! I think plants grown using such products are still organic, but perhaps not necessarily vegan.
Thanks for asking :)