Bag Seed Grow - Flush Time

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Hi All,

So today I decided to start flushing...

I ran 12 gallons of water (10 PPM, PH 6.5) and brought the PPM down to 600...

I will run some more water tomorrow to get more nutrients out of these roots...

"I will check the buds in the following days to for amber trichomes"

Click play to get higher quality...


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Damn that sure is plumping up!

Yea, super dense.

yeah it is

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Thanks, I need it.

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well good luck with it

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I've never intentionally flushed my roots, just regular watering. Do you think trying this method would give an extra boost to my buds?

The roots were exposed before I flushed. I left them exposed the most of flower stage.

Im not sure, it's my first grow. I read so much about flush and no flush. It seems the best thing to do is flush since everybody says thats the way to get good tast. At the same time, it doesn't make sense to deprive the plant of nutrients when it needs it most. So im trying both. As far as your outside grow, it looks like you need bud fillers. I use these:

I follow the fox farm schedual.