My lovely yet annoying pet: Tiger & Alan

in #cat10 months ago

Tiger showing his dominance over my laptop by putting his paw on it.

Last year me and @aaronleang have adopted Alan on November 2019 to accompany Tiger since he is alone most of the time and surrounded by human. Play time with Tiger is getting less due to both of us are busy with our own stuff therefore having another cat to play with Tiger is better.

Half asleep half awake looks..

As for Alan, he was surrounded by others cats all the time therefore he need time to be comfortable around human. The first 6 months was stressful for Alan and slowly he get use to having humans around him. By the 9 months, Alan become more and more vocal to express himself which we take it as a good sign. Tiger and Alan play a lot running around the house, chasing each other and fight sometimes. (Not a serious fight). Alan is bigger size than Tiger therefore, tiger always lose in the fight 😅

Tiger was annoyed because Alan wanted to sleep at the same sofa. Tiger do not like to share anything at all.

Tiger also very expressing too, always express what he want but not very vocal. Tiger used action to show what he want.

Alan grumpy looks..

He has this kind of looks, not sure if it because he is 6 years old or just that this is his original looks. Both of my pets getting fat too, now they’re in control diet. Can’t eat too much😆.

Do you have pets?


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