Cuddling with Dust-Protection

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CAT Cat Appreciation Token - PAW-TRAILS Dusk Mask - Title Image

Cuddling tends to stir up a bit of Dust.

And finally we can start cleaning up after those kitten-bots.


Way back in the day, when the first kitten-bot, the original @steemkitten, started her adventures on this blockchain, dust wasn't really an issue to be concerned about. It was during the bull-run of 2017 and 100 SP were plenty enough to leave a noticeable upvote. Things changed pretty quickly, though, and the kitten-bots have been creating lots and lots of dust ever since.

The persistent dust-problem with the kittens later created the initial motivation behind building the @dustbunny bot. That was barely a year ago, and it only needed a modest 350 SP to fluff dust up well enough to materialize as rewards again.

Fast forward to today: The @dustbunny has grown into an independent project, serving hundreds of good steemians and the three kittens by fluffing up their dust whenever possible, but at the same time, the SP requirements to provide dust-proofing have risen to well above 2000 SP.

@catnet was started with the goal to eventually take the burden of looking after the kitten-bots' dusty deeds off the bunny's shoulders.

I am proud to say: We're actually getting there!

PAW-TRAILS votes are delivered with 3000SP now!

@catnet has successfully leased a first couple of delegations for the coming 24 weeks, that's half a year, in order to start saving those dusty-cuddles from vanishing between the blocks.

Since PAW-TRAILS covers both the cuddles given by the kittens as well as those they receive from you, their cuddly friends, you don't have to worry if you're only able to leave some dust to the kittens. @catnet will come by later to give it an extra squeeze and make sure the treat actually arrives in the kitten's belly while also making sure that you, too, will get some cu(ddle)rator rewards.

With three kittens and one @catnet, 3000SP will not be enough to dust-proof each and every cuddle, but we will be able to cover a decent portion of them, a careful early estimate is at 30-40% of all cuddles. We will have to continue to try and acquire more STEEM POWER going forward and the kitten-bots will additionally continue to stay subscribed with @dustbunny's services for additional dust-protection.

PAW-TRAILS votes are prioritized for CATnip stakeholders. Hodling those Cat Appreciation Tokens will not only make the kittens visit you more often, it will also increase the likelihood of their cuddles for you to be more than just dust.




take good care of your CAT!



Yay, glad to see the kittens get some more dust protection. Now if only Steem price would go up!

Yay!! Zankiu!!

There are kittens 😍 how come I didn't know about it earlier? I go look further...a bunny is not a cat. 👍💕