Introducing @catnet and the Cat Appreciation Token: CAT

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the CAT network


Hi, it's me, @fraenk, and I would like to take a moment of your time to let you know about my latest endeavor to make this blockchain the cuddliest of them all.


Let's start with some Background.

Most of you probably don't even know me, so let's first look back to about one and a half years in the past, when I started developing a cute, cuddly kitten bot called @steemkitten. Maybe you've met her?

@steemkitten was made to be like a little stray kitten, roaming the blockchain autonomously, cuddling with random strangers that attract her sympathy, building relationships with those who reciprocate her affection and just generally spreading some fluffy vibes around here.

After running a little design contest to give her a truly unique visual character, it eventually turned out that there would have to be three such kittens, and so, two more kitten-siblings came to live around these blocks.

Ever since then, @steemkitten, @cuddlekitten and @steemeow have been roaming freely, seeking and spreading virtual hugs and cuddles all over. Each of them with their own unique character, building their own little network of friends around here.



The dust has settled.

So far so good, the kittens are doing their thing and all is fine and dandy, right? Well, yeah, I guess it is, but the dust has kind of settled, quite literally so, in a blockchain sense of the word.

Since the organic growth of the kittens is rather limited in nature, and the markets aren't very generous either, all too many of the kittens' lovely cuddles never get to create any real value, lost as dust between the blocks of this chain after day 7.

So far the kittens have been able to enjoy lively support from my other fluffy bot, @dustbunny, who's making sure that at least a good portion of the kitten-cuddles actually materialize as rewards, but that bunny is going to struggle keeping up with the gravely intensified conditions looming after the upcoming hard-fork!


There's a fork in the road.

August 27 is approaching fast and the convergent linear rewards, included in the "economic improvements" within HF21, will basically turn all that cuddly dust into even smaller, possibly subatomic particles.

So my plan here is to build up this @catnet account in order to be able to support the kittens on their mission, to eventually replace what @dustbunny is doing for them now, and maybe even go beyond that and support all other cat related content on steem.

To help me get there, I have created the CAT token on steem-engine


Tokenizing Cat Appreciation

Yes, yet another token, but bare with me, I'm not trying to sell you on some obscure token just to stuff my pockets. As a matter of fact, if you would go to steem-engine right now, you wouldn't even be able to buy a single token there.

The first batch of cat appreciation tokens, CAT for short, will not be minted and distributed before tomorrow afternoon.

Holding CAT in your steem-engine wallet will then work a bit like growing digital catnip in your steem-backyard, bedazzling all the kittens in your neighborhood to come by more frequently and check out what's growing there.

A huge portion of the initial coin-supply will be airdropped to all the kittens' best friends, according to how much gratitude each kitten thinks it owes them. An equal amount of tokens will then be transferred to the kittens themselves and they will continue to hand out those CATs whenever they have a positive interaction with anyone on the blockchain.

I will take a snapshot of the kittens' memories to build the final airdrop-ledger tomorrow, Saturday Aug 10, around noon UTC. That means you do have a couple of hours left to try and garner their sympathy if you so wanted to. Just saying ;)

A small portion of tokens will also be put up as a sell-wall for a very reasonable price on the market, this should prevent pump-and-dump-style speculations with the token and any and all funds raised there will be used to stack up SP and further the development of this program.

This post has gotten long enough already, but I will provide a deeper look, with some actual numbers and more details about the tokenomics of CAT after processing the initial airdrop tomorrow.

cat token on steem-engine


And why go through all this effort just for a few cuddles?

I believe the kitten-bots have brought many cute and positive experiences to hundreds of steemians already and I think we'd also do good in supporting cat-content in general, it's such an enigmatic part of internet culture and I want it to flourish on the steem-blockchain, too.

Wikipedia and the internet in general would probably agree with me:

Images and videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed content on the web. Cats have been described as the "unofficial mascot of the Internet".[1] Cats as human companions "are now sharing not only people's real life but also their virtual world" as a scientific study points out.[2]

The subject has attracted the attention of various scholars and critics, who have analysed why this form of art has reached iconic status. Although it may be considered frivolous, cat-related internet content contributes to how people interact with media and culture.[3] Some argue that there is a depth and complexity to this seemingly simple content, with a suggestion that the positive psychological effects that pets have on their owners also holds true for cat images viewed online.[4]



now go and cuddle some kittens!



HA! This is wonderful.


Thanks for the cats. I like cats,

Ah, this is a wonderful idea @fraenk, so glad to see you doing this! I have long been a fan of @cuddlekitten and your other friendly bots.

It's funny, just a few days ago I was having a bit of a comment dialogue with @crypticat and @cottonlion about a cat token, now that we are tokenizing everything!

Happy Caturday to you!


Maggie why hello.jpg
I approve of your work, hooman. - Maggie

I really like this idea. @cuddlekitten was the first one to ever give me a cuddle back when I had very little SP. I gave her an upvote with what little SP I had at the time, and that's how I discovered the @dustbunny when he came to fluff up the dust on that post. All the kittens already know me, but I went and gave them some extra "cuddles" just to be sure. Hehe! :-)

Do you plan to eventually enable staking and proof-of-stake for the CAT tokens? That would be awesome it it were the case.

Anyway, I hope the kittens and the bunny can keep doing what they are doing even after the HF21.



Oh man... I actually feel all fuzzy and proud right now!

Thanks for sharing this little anecdote about how you got to know all my fluffy friends here!

Requiring the staking of CAT to release the magic catnip scent would definitely be nice to create bigger incentives to hodl some cat appreciation for the longer term. 1000 ENG is a hefty fee to enable that on s-e and right now that's totally out of proportion.

Making a CAT-tribe with the whole proof-of-brain thingy, actually, I think it's a niche that has quite some potential! But, while tribes are all the craze right now, I'd rather hold my breath a little longer and see what the rollout of SMTs will eventually offer. Rumors have it a first version of the steem-native community features will be on the testnet by september.

If the fork doesn't hit us all too hard and @catnet gains some traction, I'll definitely look into that.

On to dolphinhood for all the cats you own 😉 and the discord offcourse

awwww... yeah... I do have some treats for the #caturday discord in mind, too ;)

but... can anyone really "own" a cat? Naah, cats own themselves ;) I see myself more like a caretaker teaching them some tricks :P

Dogs have owners; cats have staff. 😸

Cheers to that! 👍🏻😻🍻


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I am waiting and looking your good job idea! Welcome...

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I have yet to encounter one of your feline fur babies and that’s regrettable but I do love the dustbunny and fully support your vision to avoid infinitesimal post Hf CATastrophes... Miss Shasthi my irl mini lioness also loves what your cooking even though it doesn’t smell fishy!

That's regrettable indeed! They mostly hang around #cat and #cats, but @steemeow actually prefers to seek attention under #drawings. If you don't want to wait for them to find you, you can always just go and look for them ;)

@cuddlekitten actually tells me she has begged for your attention twice already in the past, but you never responded, so I think she might have started ignoring you?! But it's never too late to win her favor back, though ;)

P.S.: Miss Shasthi, oooh what a lovely and fanciful name, give her a good cuddle for me.


Sounds super cool, as I've never bought tokens, uh that will be another learning experience... Okay go forth and keep the purrring love Alive!!

I just saw some CAT in my wallet. The cuddliest of all tokens.
Thanks kitten master :)

Big welcome to you @catnet! 🐱 What a beautiful kitty coin!! :-)
My Loki 🐾 would sure like to meet @steemeow, @steemkitten
and @cuddlekitten someday! She has some catnip to share! 🌿
@fraenk have you met @orionsbeltbuckle? awhile back he was
making some fantastic coin and cat art! His work is incredible!
I am in awe at all you do ❤ @fraenk! Cats, bunnies and eyes oh my
and now a awesome cat token!!! Woohoo!!!

Hey @shasta, thanks for the warm welcome.

I actually haven't met @orionsbeltbuckle before but I'll make sure to check him out! I'm always in for any sort of creative collaboration, so if he catches wind of this, I'm open for any sort of crazy ideas.

I just checked with my kittens and at least @steemkitten "knows" you already. If you want to see the kittens more often (and also make sure to get included in the airdrop, too), just give them a small "cuddle" in their recent comments and they'll remember for sure ;)

You are most welcome! 🐱 Cuddle for the kitties 🐾

Wow I was able to scroll back 2 years on steempeak lol
These are three outstanding postings by @orionsbeltbuckle
with the art of cats, coins, stamps. His solar sun cat blows
me away! All his work is really awesome! :-)
Sacred feline
Steem postage stamps
Silver round designs

Yay @fraenk! I saw a hint of this at the steemengine discord and I was waiting for them. I got airdropped tokens and I went and bought more, I have over 4000 so I am a CAT whale, 😻. I'll buy more just as soon as I have more Steemp

Yayyyy, more kitties are always welcome! 😽💕
Thank you for all that you do... meeeooooowwww....

I support this initiative 😻

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GodSpeed ! :) 💙 ♬♬

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Steem needs more cats! Good to see you here and thanks for the tokens. They are purrrrrfect for me.

COOL! So now how do we collect CAT tokens in our Steem wallet?

I saw your name on the airdrop list, you should have received almost 200 CATs courtesy of @steemkitten and @cuddlekitten.

Just login on with your posting key and you'll see all the fancy new tokens.


What an awesome idea and did I say thank you already? I don't think I did. Thank you for the tokens. :)

Hi @fraenk! I know I've been visited in the past by at least two of these cute little kitties (@steemkitten, @cuddlekitten and @steemeow ) and always appreciated their visits! CAT sounds like an awesome token! Who doesn't love some cuddles! Happy Caturday!! 😻 💖

This sounds like fun. Cats actually earning tokens--simply by being photogenic.

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!giphy cats

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Welcome to Steemit @catnet!

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This is awesome! Resteemed =^.^=

I have a cat related steem website that I won't shill here, and almost created the CAT token myself. I'm happy to buy some of yours. Just got 10K CATs :D

Followed so I can see how this develops. I have seen your kitten bots on my posts in the past and have voted a few of the comments. I'll try to support further with more meager up votes with my small stash of Steem Power.

Best wishes to you and the CAT token!

subatomic particles! haha. I love that... on the language level, ofc.

didnt noticed any CAT token invasion in my wallet,
but have obtained a few I could afford. thank you,
a nice idea i'd love to support.

THANKS! mrrr

I love cat very much

thank you

Hi catnet the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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Welcome aboard. I hope I am not too late to say This is a good idea and many cats will appreciate it. :heart:

From PYPT.

Meow... I am overwhelwed for cat token, cat community, cat cuddles and support for cat related content. Thankyou.

As @thekittygirl, I can attest that we need more appreciation of kitten cuddles on the blockchain and elsewhere! Thanks for bringing CAT to PYPT this week! 😸

I wonder if internet cat culture has anything to do with Hello Kitty.

I adore Hello Kitty.

well... according to wikipedia Hello Kitty totally came first!

so now we know... cat culture definitely came first... so maybe it is all part of the big feline conspiracy... and the internet is the laserpointer used to distract those hoomans... hmmmm