I lost a friend

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I honestly don't post quite often. I prefer contributing to Hive in other ways than simply posting. Most of my posts are usually my reports regarding new developments I have with my projects and so forth.

But I wanted to post today, to get something off of my chest. I don't know if you have followed me long enough but I have... or had a cat.


This annoying monster was four and a half years old. But unfortunately, just a few weeks before his fifth birthday, he passed away, today.

I know that most people would say "but you do realize there's been an earthquake in Turkey, right?" and think why have I never posted a single thing about that? The only answer I have is... what would it change? Just like this post about Leo.

Last week, he wasn't feeling so good. He was acting unusual and relatively weird and I took him to the vet, according to the vet, his kidneys were much bigger than how they should be. His heart was bigger than how it should be.

It took a few days, vets tried dialysis to see if his kidneys (and therefore his heart) would improve, but to no avail. His condition, PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) was fully genetic. There is no known treatment. There's a 70% chance of cats carrying the gene being affected by this issue and a 30% chance of not having any problems, supportive care of PKD is pretty much a coin flip. It might work, or it might not. In our case, it did not. He held on for a few days, but that was about it.

All I have left of him are just his dorky photos.


He will continue to be the profile picture for @meowcurator, which is, or was, fitting for his name.

I don't know how to cope with it really. When I stop to think about it... I do feel sad, but I did not cry. But I was taken aback when no one meowed at me when I opened the door to my house, no one jumped around. His various toys and cute kitty houses were just sitting there.

You might be thinking about how it is possible someone can get attached to a little four-legged creature in just a little over four years... I cannot give you the reply you are expecting, no one can. I was wondering the same before I also had my friend, it is something only you can figure out the answer to.

I wasn't affected by the earthquake, but this has been my earthquake, I guess.

I could not be with him in his last moments. It's an interesting feeling, I hope no one lives through it.

That's it. Just something off my chest.

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so sorry for your loss. I know how close pets are, losing them is like losing a family member. He will surely live on here in hive as meowcurator 👍.

Sorry to hear that. I think cats have a special place in our hearts. A while back I lost a cat who was only seven years old and I just kept thinking how cruel it was for him to have been snatched away so young. I feel for ya.

Actually, Hive people wouldn't say 'I know that most people would say "but you do realize there's been an earthquake in Turkey, right?"' because we're mostly a good lot, and empathetic. I hate cats, but I understand people's relationship with them, and I love dogs, so it's kinda the same thing. It's fucking awful when they die. And we have the right to mourn our loved pets when they pass EVEN IF there's other terrible things going on in the world. Legit. We all have our personal earthquakes, because we are frail, loving human beings. Keep being vulnerable to the grief that moves through us when animals we are close to die. xxx

So sorry to hear about Leo.

I don't like pets (sorry to say this) as it just feels so weird to touch something alive that is not a human being. Sometimes I wish I could get over that 'phobia' as I know some cats and dogs are adorable and are better friends than human beings. Just like Leo, I'm sure your bond with him is a lot stronger than with many human beings and his departure will leave a big hole in your heart.

Sorry for your loss, especially so sudden :(

Lost our family cat last year as well at the age of 25 but it was inevitable and we saw it coming in good time with many vet visits and attempts to prolong his life as long as he wasn't suffering/in pain so can't say I know what you must be feeling.

Sucks how there's still so many diseases and illnesses that aren't curable/cured, aside from all this negativity about AI with artists and authors complaining about it I do hope we get to see the good things of it in due time such as in the medical sector.


25?? If I was that cat I'd be going out pretty smug lol. Must have taken a lot of love to live that long!

Yah he lived quite a full and healthy life, Finnish cats are resilient I guess. :D

Might be the oldest cat on earth...a miracle

I have two cats named Cuki and Mia, they have been with me and my family for about two years and are fully part of my family. If I just try to imagine not having them around the house I get sad...So I am so sorry about your friend Leo and what you are feeling. A big hug
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@tipu curate

He looks just like ours who one day at the age of 6, came in the house struggling to walk, fell over and died overnight. The curse of the grey cat maybe? We had another who lived until 19..., he was a great cat too.. full of character while the 19-year old was devoid.

Pets are family.

We have all loved and lost pets over the years and it's no less of a loss or a tragedy than anything else. Each persons pain is personal to them.

Sorry to hear about your cat.

Beautifully written. Personal loss is simply that. Personal. One cat you loved. Heartbreaking. My heart goes out to you.
Best wishes

I know exactly how you feel. I lost 2 of my little budgies just last year.

The first week or so is tough, you barely get things done because of such a loss. It all happens so suddenly; one day everything seems just fine, and the next day you end up losing a vital part of yourself.

Hang in there. 🖤

No one would dare to ask you for sure how we human beings are attached to because I know for sure everyone can understand why. Like me, we have a lot of cats in the house which I found them everywhere. I pity them so I'm taking care of them until I began to love them.

It's not wrong to post about this kind of post. You just want to tell us or share with us your sadness about your friend who just passed. I'm sorry for your loss and even me now, I feel sad for you and for your friend.

But I was taken aback when no one meowed at me when I opened the door to my house, no one jumped around. His various toys and cute kitty houses were just sitting there.

Of course I fully understand what you are feeling and I am certainly with you in your feelings of grief. You've lost a friend!! But not just any friend, but a truly honest one with more personality and authenticity than any other you may have ever had.

But don't worry or be sad my friend, that at any moment you will run into another good friend of the same class and style that will make your world shine again with their effusive welcomes everyday. :)

Sorry for your loss man.

but you do realize there's been an earthquake in Turkey, right?

There's nothing you can do about it, and everyone has different personal fights anyway.

4 years with a furry friend is a time that may sound relatively short, but as someone who has had pets for a lifetime, it's impossible not to attach a part of our heart to these 4-legged friends.

They really are like family 🤗 Always hard as it feels like you're losing a family member and well you really are. Take the time you need and thank you for all you do for Hive. It's appreciated

I have two kitties currently. They are two in a long line of 30+ over the years. Years ago, my kitties were outdoor kitties, but when we moved to Colorado and then Washington state, I no longer let them out. They were indoor kitties. Especially here in Washington, there are too many predators both the flying kind and the bigger 4 legged (cougars) kind, but also the human kind.

I had a kitty who was a Manx and was more human the cat. He adored me and I him. The year just prior to his 8th birthday, he developed kidney failure. He did hang on for 5 months, but also passed. I was devastated!

Our kitties are part of the family; almost like children. They are there when we are happy and when we are sad and know exactly what we need and when we need it. They offer unconditional love. I totally get you and what you are going through. I have loved all of my kitties dearly. Cherish your pictures and memories of him.🤗💜

Sorry about your loss.

When my cat passed a couple years back the entire world went blank. I still wake up some nights thinking he jumped onto my bed in the middle of the night to crawl under the blanket.

I hope you have some happy memories that will live on forever on the blockchain.

I am so sorry for your loss. I understand what it's like to lose a four-legged friend. It broke my heart, and although I didn't want to adopt (yet) another cat, the universe brought to me three other souls in my life so quickly that I now treasure them and still have a special place in my heart for the one who passed away after 15 years of communion and love—a very profound relationship that I wouldn't compare with anything else. I hope you will find some peace in your heart.

I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. 😔 It is never easy to say goodbye to someone you love. And yes, we have our own earthquakes... and they are far worse. I know how much he meant to you. When my dog died, it was very hard on me. He was like one of the family, and he will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him. I hope that you are able to find some comfort in remembering all the good times you had with him, and in knowing that his memory will live forever in your heart.

sorry for your loss mate.

Sorry to hear of your loss. And it's good to get things off your chest so don't feel guilty about doing that. Thank you for everything you do on Hive.

Your loss is as significant as any other. Yeah, it really sucks what's happening in Turkey, but that doesn't mean you can't mourn your companion. I'm so sorry man...

I am so sorry @deathwing!😲
We have been there, we had one cat a few years ago that we gave him daily IVs because his kidneys were failing for the same reason. It’s a heartache, I didn’t even know this could happen to young cats, our cat “CorryB” wasn’t much older than yours!
Several years later, we were hiking, and we came across this tiny little hurt kitten.
Soon this young “Dennis the Menace” of a cat, had wormed its way into our hearts !🥰
Hopefully, you will find a furry little friend down the road ………😇

Sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a pet is always tough, and the fact that other people are grieving for lost family members doesn't mean your grief isn't real and reasonable.

Sorry to hear that we have a cat that has chronic kidney disease which is not the same but this stuff is all pretty hard to deal with.


Sorry for your loss. Hope you’re safe out there

I am very sorry to read about your loss brother, losing a pet is equivalent to losing a close family member, for many they are just pets, for us they are our whole life, it is losing that little pet that was always there for us on good days On bad days and on days when we were down, I have faith that it is in a good place..

I'm really sorry for your loss:(, I went through the same situation with my dog when it past away, different animals but same feeling

I am sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry to hear about Leo. I love animals so I totally get it. Sometimes I've cried more over my pets than I have hunans. Take care of yourself.

Feel very sorry for your lost. My condolences. May he rest in peace.


Ten years ago, feels like a lifetime. I know what you mean.

Verdaderamente era un gato muy bonito, pensé que era un peluche. Lo siento, solo las personas que amamos los animales entienden tu caso, de verdad lo siento no es fácil, cuando un pequeño amado parte al cielo inesperadamente, hace un año mi perrita igual partió, solo el tiempo me curo aun la extraño, porque ya era parte de mi familia y de mi entorno, aunque ahora tengo otro que es mi niño no es fácil, lo siento mucho, debes pensar que ya cruzo el arcoíris y algún día lo volverás a ver, y poco a poco vas entendiendo que ya se fue.
Los animales deberían durar mucho mas tiempo, dé esta forma podemos tenerlos mas.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved cat, Leo. I can understand how much pain you must be feeling right now. Losing a pet is never easy, and it can be particularly hard when it happens suddenly or unexpectedly. The memories and moments you shared with Leo are priceless, and his photos will always keep him close to your heart.

Take comfort in knowing that Leo lived a happy and loved life with you and that you provided him with the care and support he needed. He will always hold a special place in your heart.

Sorry for your loss.

Sorry to here it!

Dostunuzu kaybettiğiniz için üzgünüm:(
Neler hissettiğinizi anlayabiliyorum. 🙏
Onunla yaşadığınız güzel günler hatıralarınızda bir ömür boyu yaşayacak.

So sorry for your loss, @deathwing


I have 4 cats, so I feel with you. Stay strong! ♥️ The little critters live on in our hearts. 🐱🌈🕯️Rest in love little dude.

It seems odd to me that you would describe the sadness as unusual - after four years that's enough to be devastated for most of us! Letting that out is necessary...

Having grown up surrounded by pets - dozens of guinea pigs, cats and dogs as a constant, birds, rabbits, chickens and so on - I have experienced a lot of death but I never stopped getting myself attached to them even as an adult.

But to be honest, the hardest loss for me was those cats I tried and failed to rescue. One starving kitty in particular I took to the vet to clean up and I spent four days feeding it at home, but my ignorance on how to do it right, how to get it to go toilet and such, caused the kitten to lose even more weight, ultimately having me sign a death contract and put the poor thing to sleep.

I was bawling my eyes out watching the vet do the procedure, and sat outside with the dead cat in a box crying about how shit I am at life lol. Haunts me to this day.

Anyway the point is, it seems clear that there was nothing you could have done in this case, you did everything right and gave your friend a happy life. That's worth a smile or two, for sure! Just don't mess it up next time like I did XD

Sorry about your Loss.

Pets are really like Family.. time we spent and that connection is speechless. I have special place for Cats in my heart but the only reason I don't have any pet is it breaks you when they left and we can't do nothing about it.

Whenever I see street cats or dogs It just give me a reason to smile and try to feed em. Again, really sorry to hear this. Glad you shared your feelings I hope you're feeling better. Stay strong!

You might be thinking about how it is possible someone can get attached to a little four-legged creature in just a little over four years

I used to have a dog that I love so much , when he died , I felt so heartbroken..So I can understand how you would feel...

I look at mine and love them so much, i totally understand your pain.

What you gone do now ? Will you stay without a cat or kiss a new one ?
For'me it took many many years to accept new ones, it is a hard step forward and knowing those babies will be gone one day too.
I guess what matters is the love we give and recieve, no matter the time we share it❤️

The empty house - I get that completely! So sorry for your loss, and that you could not hold him in his last moments.

I'm sorry for your loss! I have lost few cats including a recent loss. Let's wish they are all in a better place now!

So sorry for your lost, wen a pet go, we lost a member of our family.

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