Chapter 12 / Duck Duck

Sammi Jo's Fave' Toy......

Sammi Jo took to a small catnip toy that We call....: "Duck Duck"


Samantha was about one year old when She got Her 1st Duck Duck toy.



It was strange how much She liked it. We noticed right away that wherever Sam Sam went the Duck Duck would be there. We have bought upwards of 30-ish of them in 9 yrs. I wonder if She eats them, they seem to dissapear...?

At an early age, She would go and look at the kitty toys and juss walk away.....


But with Duck Duck it was different. She was very possessive of them. She would growl and hiss if We would try and take one away from Her......

We have some early videos of Sam Sam as a Kitten fighting to protect Her DUCK DUCKS


Horrible Video Quality..... It was taken on an old 3g Verizon flip phone. But this is the first video We have of "DUCK DUCK."



Sammi Jo was the offspring of 2 very wild Ferals. The first 3-4 yrs. I donated plenty of blood to prove it. She is still a BOSS KITTY @ 9 Yrs. old. But not mean, unless provoked.

I have learned who is in charge and I do not cross that line with Sammi Jo.


She now brings Me "Duck Duck" as a gift for returning to Her. 5 min. Or one hour, DUCK DUCK will be waiting for Me, on my seat in truck, or on the floor in front of door.


When She was 4-5 yrs. old, I would repeat over and over..... "Duck Duck.... Duck Duck."


And sometimes..... Not always, She would go find one and bring it to Me.


We tried other toys early on, it was hard work for both of us.....



We would have to take "Cat Naps" as We were just exhausted from all the searching for the Purrrr Fect Toy



I even tried to get Samantha to pick a toy to order from a magazine.....


Such hard work...... Time 4 another "CATNAP..!!"

I think it was Her 1st birthday or shortly after when We brang a DUCK DUCK home.


Toy problem solved..... Thank You Skineeez for DUCK DUCKS..!!


Cuz a Happy Sammi Jo......


Makes a Happy KrazzyTrukker......


Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'

Please.!! Go back and read the Sammi Jo Story from the start. A Cat who saved 2 peoples relationship and maybe even their lives.... Divine intervention...? You be the judge...?!?!

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She is a unique looking boss lady of a kind.... You two are lucky to have found one another :-)

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Oh my Sammi Joe can be so vicious! Don't piss Sammi Joe off HA HA.

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What an Awwwwwwesome story, well done. I love all the snoozing photos hehe!! You guys are way too cute. I like how Sammi Jo leaves duck ducks on your seat for you hahaha, I often wake up with multiple cat toys beside my face, mine brings them to me in the night hoping I'll wake up and throw them I guess, who knows, maybe I do and I just don't remember!

Does Sammi Jo retrieve at all, I'm guessing no since you said she growls if you try to pick duck duck up lol. My cat will play fetch surprisingly enough.

Sam Sam is Def not a retriever. Our latest rescue Lil' Guy. He fetches longer/better than any dog I have known. He just never stops..... And we have never outlasted him.....

He will drop the toy, paw at you and generally annoy the hell out of you till you play with him... Lmao



Awwweeee that's awesome! Mine has a little ball like that one which is his favourite, ok, more like many many little balls hahaha, they have a tendency to disappear.