Just in Time for CATURDAY: It's the Cat Appreciation Token (CAT)!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

It's Saturday once again, and you all know what THAT means: It's CATURDAY!

So let's see all those cute cat photos you've been storing and saving! And for all those who are posting pictures of their own feline friends, remember to use the #catsofsteemit, #catsnaps and #steemcats tags!

We Cats Now Have OUR OWN Steem-Engine Token!

There was a fun surprise in my Steem-Engine wallet this morning — I had been airdropped some new tokens:


No, this is not a joke!

This is a real token for cats and cat lovers. The token is the brainchild of @fraenk, original creator of the adorable @cuddlekitten, @steemeow and @steemkitten bots you may have had visit your pages, from time to time.

The new "Cat Appreciation Token" (or CAT) will be overseen by the new @catnet Steem account.

I strongly encourage you to read the introductory post and explanation here, and to give @catnet a follow!

I decided to show my support for the project (above and beyond just writing about it) by buying an additional 8,500 CAT tokens... which I plan to just hold onto... not an "investment," just support for a project.

Support Cat content on the Steem blockchain!

Why I Really Like This Project

Aside from the fact that it's just cool to have a cat token — let's face it, we cats are super popular — I really like @fraenk's approach to being part of a community.

Excerpted from the @catnet introductory post:

Holding CAT in your steem-engine wallet will then work a bit like growing digital catnip in your steem-backyard, bedazzling all the kittens in your neighborhood to come by more frequently and check out what's growing there. - // - I believe the kitten-bots have brought many cute and positive experiences to hundreds of steemians already and I think we'd also do good in supporting cat-content in general, it's such an enigmatic part of internet culture and I want it to flourish on the steem-blockchain, too.

I also like this because I remember the original @steemkitten bot, as well as its guiding pricinples: Kindness, reciprocity and paying it forward.

@steemkitten was made to be like a little stray kitten, roaming the blockchain autonomously, cuddling with random strangers that attract her sympathy, building relationships with those who reciprocate her affection and just generally spreading some fluffy vibes around here.

And there you have it! I hope all you cat lovers will throw your support behind @catnet, as well!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


255 20190810


Funny we were just talking about this. I'm gonna become a cat whale, err tiger?

I see no reason why you couldn't, @crypticat! Maybe instead of Redfish, Minnows, Dolphins, Orcas and Whales, we can have Kittens, Cats, Bobcats, Panthers and Tigers?

Happy Caturday!

I guess whales would have to be lions?!

We have to find an agreeable cat-scale for this... I really really like this idea :D

This is awesome @curatorcat! How can we make #blackkittensmatter apart of this? And how do we collect CAT tokens in our Steem wallets?

Hey there @hippie-witha-gun, and Happy Caturday!

As I understand it, the token is in very early creation stages now... just went live earlier today. For the time being, you will have the tokens that were airdropped to your Steem-Engine wallet (you got 183) because you have interacted with the @cuddlekitten, @steemeow and @steemkitten bots at some point:


And then you can buy more with Steem on the Steem-Engine token market, if you want.

As for collecting more, my impression is that more tokens will be distributed by the kitten bots in times ahead, but only @fraenk knows for sure how that works!

The next stage of "staking" the tokens collecting them from content creation and curation is out somewhere in the future because it's pretty expensive to create a "stakeable" token, especially if you are doing it at a "hobbyist" level, rather than as a big time investor.

That's all I know, so far.

As for how to include #blackkittensmatter, my GUESS is to try to get it to be one of the tags the three kitten bots regularly check for worthy cat content. But that's speculation, at this point...

Happy Caturday to you!

Thanks for filling me in @curatorcat. It has been awhile since I've seen any of the kitten bots interact with any of my posts. So I'm surprised I got air dropped that much. For now I will just hang on to them and see what happens.

What a great idea! I have no idea how to buy tokens, but I'll ask Sir Obie for some advice... thanks!

Sir Obie looks a bit stern there... or maybe just "focused?"

If your Steem-Engine wallet is set up, it should be very easy to get some CAT tokens... if you haven't already been airdropped some for posting cat content.


I use Steem Engine, but didn't know there is a wallet? mmmm dooh... it's been crashing so much on me I constantly get bad gateway thang... uh, where do I get their wallet? got a link?

You should be able to just go to https://steem-engine.com/ and log in with your SteemConnect credentials (or directly) and then the word "Wallet" should appear in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Just click on that, and you should be at your wallet.


thank you kindly @curatorcat meow meow!

Wow, that is awesome - cat tokens. I am going to check the introduction post.

I think it's a very fun thing @nelinoeva! And I am very glad it's @fraenk who created this... good track record with both "reciprocity and paying it forward," a well as cat related content.


Hmm, interesting nice tokens, resteemed and waiting for Caturday!

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Wow this is fun and interesting 😊 looking forward to see cat token in my esteem engine soon😊😊

Cool! Something to start with on Saturday. Resteemed!

Cool...Something to start with on Saturday. Resteemed!

Allright... this relates with me coz I do write content on cats, I have two cats. I find this a bit crazy though(: ...I am not following so much on steem and now see there are tokens inside steem for various content.

Meow anyway... Now I am such a cat person and I am overwhelmed by all this.